Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rob Pattinson mentioned on CAN YOU SURVIVE A HORROR MOVIE

On the Chiller special, can you survive a horror movie on Friday the 13th 2012, they brought up that a human couldn't live on just blood alone mentioning famous actors such as ROBERT PATTINSON, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt because they would be malnourished.   They would be weak, frail, pale, losing hair and wouldn't look like they do on t.v.

Well buddy people like Rob Pattinson do play a vampire on t.v. and what are vampires....pale...a little on the skinny side but come on how could we have someone as HOT as Rob be losing hair playing Edward etc. But that's why people don't drink blood to live on it but vampires do.

If Rob was a real vampire...hell yes I would let him bite me!! Lol

How about you guys??



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