Monday, July 2, 2012

Kristen Stewart shopping for engagement rings!!!

According to, it looks like KStew is looking for engagement rings!!!! :) look at the article below:

"There’s a major new sign that a Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart wedding is in the works – Kristen’s been spotted trying on engagement rings.
“She was trying on gold rings with various colored diamonds,” an eyewitness told In Touch magazine.
Neil Lane has been the jeweler of choice for numerous celebrity wedding and engagement rings, so it’s not surprising that Kristen, 22, would choose to check out the gorgeous ring choices there.
Neither is it surprising that Kristen would take a non-traditional route. The Converse-loving actress may be Hollywood’s top female earner, with an income of over $34 million in the past year, but K-Stew hasn’t changed her low key personal style and lifestyle at all.
“Kristen isn’t into big diamonds,” one of her friends has told OK! magazine. She and Robert also plan to wear unique wedding bands, according to the magazine.
Apparently, the Twilight couple has become more and more serious over the past year, travelling with each other to work-related events, appearing publicly on red carpets at each other’s films, as they did recently at the Cannes film festival for Kristen’s On the Road and Rob’s Cosmopolis, and it appears the couple are now living together in LA.
And let’s not forget their frequently spotted and adorable PDA – kissing in Cannes at parties and holding hands, and being affectionate at friend Kevin Turen‘s recent wedding in Englewood, NJ.
As for the type of wedding, In Touch reports that it will be a “pretty simple” affair and OK! says it will be “authentic” and “soulful,” all of which sounds exactly like Kristen and Rob."
I'm super excited for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to spend their lives together!!! Aren't you???



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