Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rob Pattinson & KStew split? (5/19)

According to People Magazine, Robsten had called it quits?

But what I don't see is physical evidence of the break up. So what they haven't been spending a lot of time together maybe they are both working on some busy work.

I hate that when they think its over like that. I think Rob & Kris are destined to be together. I think they will be if they aren't and if they are and want to hide it...let left them! They just want to be left alone! Wouldn't you??



Twilight is nominated for seven 2013 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS

Make sure to tune in on August 11, 2013 ch FOX where The Twilight Saga takes 7 Teen Choice Awards home! Yes that it right I am hopeful that they will take all nominations home including:

Choice movie Sci-Fi: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II

Choice Movie Actor Sci-Fi: Rob Pattinson: BD Part II Taylor Lautner: BD Part II Choice Movie Actress Sci-Fi KStew: BD Part II Choice Movie Romance: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II Choice Movie Actor: Romance Rob Pattinson BD P2 Choice Movie Actress; Romance KStew BD P2 And Choice Smile: Taylor Lautner I'm so sad I can't vote for my loves! So come on teens let's do it for the twi-hards like me who are unable to vote!! O PS please vote Ellen Degeneres! I love her! Lol XOXO B

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Rob Pattinson!! 5.13.13

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday dear **ROB**

Happy Birthday to the most perfect man in the world. God did right when he made you and we are so truly blessed to have you Rob in this world. Whenever you are I hope you have an AMAZING DAY where ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Today is also my car Edward's 2 years birthday that I owned him! Why do you ask is his name Edward?? He is blue just like Rob's eyes and sparkles in the sun like Edward! I love my car but not as much as I love ROB! LOL

one day I'll be lucky enough to meet you day! ;) Have a great day!!