Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vote for my little nudger! Gerber Photo Search 2013 (11/4-12/1/13)

Hey my Twi-Hard family!

Can you do me a favor and vote for my beautiful little Twi-Hard Chloe on the Gerber Photo Search 2013.  Its really EASY!

go to the link which should bring your right to her picture "ChLoE-as cute as it gets" (attached is the pic your are voting for):


Then LIKE Gerber (top right)

Login to Vote in green or VOTE in green.  It will then confirm your vote above her pic!

Thank you and share with friends and family!!



Twilight FOREVER now released!

Doesn't it feel like Twilight is still alive! It does for me and it always will as I am sure it will be for you too!

Did you preorder your Twilight Forever box set or did you get it today???

Mine is on my Christmas list so I'll have to wait until next month but i will get it!!




Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga Box Set 11/5/13

Due to come out is Twilight Forever! The Box set! OMG I need to get my hands on this as all the other Twi-Hards out there too! All the films in one box set and for ONLY 64.98!

You can pre-order yours now at:


Super excited about this!

How about you??



Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Twilight family, I need your help with VOTES for my little nudger! :)

To my Twilight family here is another reminder to those who have noted voted yet for my daughter, Chloe.  

Please help her win this 2013 Ismile Beautiful Baby Contest! She will be on all Ismile Billboards, ads and sent to a modeling agency.  

Please help her beauty be shared with the WORLD.  If you saw this smile and it made your day, please vote for my little nudger :)

The link below should be the direct link to the pic where chloe is (as shown above):  


All you need to do is enlarge her pic so it will be on the right side of your page (if it isn't already), put your mouse over the top right hand corner and hit the GREEN THUMBS UP button.  This is what counts as the vote.

(FYI liking via facebook is just to share with facebook, that doesn't count as a vote but it does help promote it) Voting is from 9/1 and ends 9/15!

Thank you in advance :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

In need of HELP with VOTES from my TWI-FAMILY! :)

My little nudger and future Twilight LOVER, Chloe is in Ismile's 2013 Beautiful Baby Contest.

If you could help me I would be most appreciative!

It is quick and easy.

Go to the link below.  (it should bring you to the page where her pic is):


Click on the pic that looks like the one posted below so that you see it on your right hand side as a bigger image.

Move your mouse to the top right of pic and you'll see a green thumb, hit the green thumbs up button and you are done.  No registration anything required!

(note: if you facebook "like" the pic, that does not count as a vote) You need to hit the green thumbs up button to count as a vote!

Please share this with family and friends to help my beautiful daughter win this contest.

The contest is up and running now and ends on September 15th 2013.  One vote PER computer!

Thank you in advance. :)

For more detailed instructions and my story go to:  http://getonlinevotes.com/?p=130119

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


What an amazing day to remember such a beautiful event in our favorite Twilight Saga! Today the anniversary of Edward & Bella will forever be an amazing day in our lives!

Happy Anniversary Edward & Bella!

We love you!!



Monday, August 12, 2013

Forever in Forks party DETAILS! 9/12/13-9/15/13

This looks AMAZING! I really wish I could attend this fun filled event!
For those of you interested, here are the details.

FORKS, WA – In addition to vampires, werewolves, and TWILIGHT fans from all over the world, Stephenie Meyer Day 2013 will now be hosting an acoustic concert at the Forever in Forks party, featuring TWILIGHT soundtrack artists Cider Sky and Iko, as well as actress Tinsel Korey, who plays Emily Young in the saga. The 2013 Forever in Forks Party will take place during Stephenie Meyer Day weekend, which runs Sept. 12-15.
“The music in the TWILIGHT films played an enormous part in bringing the saga to life, and we’re thrilled to offer fans the opportunity to hear Cider Sky and Iko perform their hits live,” said Sharon Lottes, founder and event planner of Forever in Forks. “And Tinsel Korey is a talented musician in addition to her wonderful portrayal of Emily Young – so we’re proud to offer fans a further look at her musical endeavors.”
The Forever in Forks party is being held at The Forks Elks Lodge on Saturday, Sept. 14 from 6 p.m. – midnight. The party will also feature a buffet dinner catered by Self Catering of Forks; free photo booths; and a silent auction and raffle of signed TWILIGHT merchandise. While Forever in Forks can’t confirm the attendance of additional celebrity guests at this time, the Olympic Coven, a group of TWILIGHT lookalikes, will be on hand for photo opportunities and to interact with guests.
“As an event, Stephenie Meyer Day grows in size and scope every year, and we love to be able to offer fans new and unique experiences,” said Staci Chastain, organizer of Stephenie Meyer Day 2013. “A party like the one Forever in Forks is offering has never been done before at our event – and it’s even better that it’s all benefiting a great cause.”
All proceeds from the Forever in Forks party will benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer, a charitable program established by media, entertainment and philanthropic leaders who have been affected by cancer. For $200, fans gain access to all of the Forever in Forks events during Stephenie Meyer Day weekend, which includes a catered welcome breakfast at Tillicum Park and picnic at First Beach on Friday; viewings of BREAKING DAWN: PART I and II on Saturday morning; entrance to the Forever in Forks party on Saturday evening; and a catered farewell breakfast at Tillicum Park on Sunday. For $125, fans can purchase a ticket solely to the Forever in Forks party. To purchase tickets or learn more about the packages and events, please visit http://www.foreverinforks.com/2013/03/tickets.html.
Forever in Forks is an annual gathering for TWILIGHT fans to come together in support of a good cause. Each year, a Forever Party is held in a TWILIGHT-related city, with proceeds going toward a chosen charity. In 2012, Forever in Forks raised $2,500 in Los Angeles for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. To learn more about Forever in Forks, please visit http://www.foreverinforks.com/.
For more information, please contact:
Sharon Lottes, Forever in Forks
Staci Chastain, Stephenie Meyer Day



Information found from Twifans.com.  Thanks Twifans!
Read more: http://twifans.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2644331%3ABlogPost%3A10829713&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_post#ixzz2bly18j00
Follow us: @TwiFans on Twitter

Twilight fans in NYC this Tuesday 8/13/13

Twilight fans who will be in NYC this Tuesday, take a stroll by the NYC Apple Store as Stephenie Meyer will be appearing there for their "Meet the Filmmaker" series!

If anyone goes, snag me autograph lol

It's kind funny that Steph will be there on Tuesday, Edward and Bella's wedding anniversary lol Just saying lol



2013 Teen Choice Award Twilight Winners :)

I still am so upset that I can't vote teen choice.  Even without me voting, Twilight still wins the following awards:

Breaking Dawn, Part 2
Taylor Lautner, Breaking Dawn Part 2
Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 2
Breaking Dawn, Part 2
Robert PattinsonBreaking Dawn Part 2
Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 2
Kellan Lutz, Breaking Dawn Part 2

7 Awards won! I think Twilight did it again! so proud to be a part of this Twilight family!

Congrats to all my favorite Twilight Stars!!  We love you!



Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rob seen pulling up to KStew's house

I was just saying how much I miss Rob & Kris together and today I see this posted on my Facebook news feed! ;)

Rob pulled up to Kris' house but she was there! Let's hope they ate trying to work things out!

Watching the Saga again this past weekend made me miss them even more. I really can't picture then with anyone other then Robsten.

Cmon Rob & KStew, let's work it out!

We miss you guys!



See me at the article below of Rob pulling up to Kris' house.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Missing Twilight

I've been missing Twilight so much that I'm watching the Saga right now!

I really feel like a piece of me is missing with the saga ending ;(

Still my dream remains to meet ROB! ONE DAY!




Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My thoughts on Rob Pattinson & KStew breakup

So when reading articles of Rob & Kris I've come the conclusion that the reason why Rob broke up with Kris is because of what they are saying.....because Rob can't get over the hurdle of Kris cheating on him.

But I think the underlying cause is because Kris signed up to do Snowman and the Huntsman Part 2 due out in 2015 directed by....Rupert Sanders.....hmm

Now...put yourself in Rob's shoes....Kris had an affair with Rupert while he was directing SWATH Part I.......now I'm sure Rob is thinking she can do it again..even though I'm sure he trying to believe she wouldn't.

Obviously when someone you loves cheats on you once...it's always in the back of your mind.

People say once a cheater always a cheater or some can know what they lost once and never do it again if that person really means everything to them.

Of course we're routing for Rob & Kris. I personally cannot see Rob with anyone else but Kris. To me they looked like such an AMAZING couple...very much alike....something you don't quite find everyday in this world.....I think anyone whom Rob tries to be with other than Kris....won't really love him for him..like she did.

He is the most amazing untouchable man out there that every women and girl desires. I for one have been OBSESSED with Rob before being married and after....even after a baby and I'm 27-years-old.

I really am routing for Rob & Kris...but I think it was a bad move for her to sign up for SWATH Part II. Now people reading this will probably say different things but these are MY thoughts. Yes Rob should be able to trust her ....she should be able to so any movie and Rob be right there....but don't you think Rupert's wife wouldn't want her doing this either...or him for that fact? I'm not sure what is going on with them as I just follow Rob & Kris but I don't know this is just my thoughts ;)

Yes I'm on Rob's side and I always will be! I think he should have the VERY BEST AND NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING ELSE!




Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rob Pattinson & KStew split? (5/19)

According to People Magazine, Robsten had called it quits?

But what I don't see is physical evidence of the break up. So what they haven't been spending a lot of time together maybe they are both working on some busy work.

I hate that when they think its over like that. I think Rob & Kris are destined to be together. I think they will be if they aren't and if they are and want to hide it...let left them! They just want to be left alone! Wouldn't you??



Twilight is nominated for seven 2013 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS

Make sure to tune in on August 11, 2013 ch FOX where The Twilight Saga takes 7 Teen Choice Awards home! Yes that it right I am hopeful that they will take all nominations home including:

Choice movie Sci-Fi: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II

Choice Movie Actor Sci-Fi: Rob Pattinson: BD Part II Taylor Lautner: BD Part II Choice Movie Actress Sci-Fi KStew: BD Part II Choice Movie Romance: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II Choice Movie Actor: Romance Rob Pattinson BD P2 Choice Movie Actress; Romance KStew BD P2 And Choice Smile: Taylor Lautner I'm so sad I can't vote for my loves! So come on teens let's do it for the twi-hards like me who are unable to vote!! O PS please vote Ellen Degeneres! I love her! Lol XOXO B

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Rob Pattinson!! 5.13.13

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday dear **ROB**

Happy Birthday to the most perfect man in the world. God did right when he made you and we are so truly blessed to have you Rob in this world. Whenever you are I hope you have an AMAZING DAY where ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Today is also my car Edward's 2 years birthday that I owned him! Why do you ask is his name Edward?? He is blue just like Rob's eyes and sparkles in the sun like Edward! I love my car but not as much as I love ROB! LOL

one day I'll be lucky enough to meet you Rob...one day! ;) Have a great day!!



Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rob Pattinson & KStew upcoming movies

Whats new for Rob & Kris?

Rob will be on board for a movie called Map To The Stars with John Cusack & Julianne Moore.

Kris will be doing a sequel to Snow White & The Huntsman!

see more information and pix here:


This couple has been doing great together hope things continue I'm really hoping for a Rob & Kris wedding and babies ;)

Aren't you??



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday KStew!

Just wishing you Kristen a very happy birthday!!

I also you and Rob find that special dog you are on the lookout for your present!!

A tip...if you love a smart but loveable dog, I have a pekingese, Oreo! He is do loveable but very picky but incredibly smart and listens very well! Also great with kids...if ever you and Rob decide to have any! Lol

Happy happy birthday Kristen!!



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part II: The Twilight Saga

After watching Breaking Dawn Part II millions of times already I have to say it makes me want to start watching the saga over again from the beginning! Don't you agree??

I hate that the saga has come to an end....I really feel like a piece of me is gone....I really do miss it.

It's AMAZING how much something becomes a part of you as it have been its life since the beginning. I'll always and FOREVER be a Twi-Hard....Twilight is never ending..its FOREVER!!



Sunday, March 24, 2013

MTV 2013 Movie Awards suck this year!

I'm kinda disappointed about Twilight not being in much of the awards this year...I am so not watching it as I think so many awards would have went to the Twilight Saga.

The only award up for a Twi member is Taylor for best shirtless performance.

If you want to watch...it is airing live April 14, 2013....as for me....COUNT ME OUT!

MTV you suck! :( This is a disappointment to all Twi-Hards!



KStew's top 5 scene's from The Twilight Saga


"This is number one on my list for a reason. I remember stepping on Rob's feet in my sneakers, and we listened to that song all night. It was the end of the shoot, and we were all so close and not wanting to go home yet. That's the one scene I look at and always start crying. And I'm not a bit embarrassed about it."
'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'
"We had around 200 people - tourists, locals - watching like it was theater. They'd be quiet for filming, and at the end of every take they'd applaud. I crashed through the fountain and into Rob's arms - we must have done it 15 times - and they'd clap every single time."

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1'

"It's this feeling I had that it was like a real wedding. I have these memories of it that are not in keeping with a movie set. It feels like my memories. You have room in your mind for characters, and then there's room for yourself. That memory is definitely more mine."


"It was so tense shooting Twilight, and here's this little scene that felt like it was out of an '80s teen movie. He does this cool little move, and we're sort of dancing around each other. We still talk about this scene and how fun it was. He remembers what I was wearing. I remember everything about that day."

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1'

"Dancing together at the end of Bella's wedding was incredibly emotional. We listened to Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years,' and it was perfect - for the characters and us, too."
This is too AWESOME! I wish that we could see the rest of the crew's 5 top moments...especially Rob's because you all know I am huge Rob FAN! :)

Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Dance scene

Breaking Dawn~ Bloopers bits! part 1

Breaking Dawn Part 1 - All the Deleted Scenes

The Making of Breaking Dawn Parody by The Hillywood Show®

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Parody by The Hillywood Show®

Monday, March 4, 2013


Just a heads up all you Kellan Lutz fans! The Hottie with the GORGEOUS body will be on Ellen DeGeneres tomorrow Tuesday March 5, 2013!!



Friday, March 1, 2013

My Twilight Friends ;)

Hey guys, since i consider all of you part of my Twilight family, i just wanted to share with you my tattoo of my daughter's footprints as a butterfly with her first, middle name and date of birth ;)

Just thought I would share it with you!!



Breaking Dawn Part II DVD Release Party locations

Now that we're all EXCITED for midnight tonight of BD Part II's release will you be attending your home town party?

Click the link below for a midnight party near you!!




Monday, February 25, 2013

kStew looking gorgeous at 2013 Oscar's

Twilight & Harry Potter came together presenting at the 85th annual academy awards yesterday 2/24/13!

KStew looked AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS but was escorted by a pair of crutches!  It seems that Kristen hurt herself on a piece of glass a couple days ago! Although walking on thr red carpet she was using the crutches...when presenting she didnt..with a little limp noticed!

We hope you get better Kristen!!



Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Making of Breaking Dawn Parody by The Hillywood Show®

KStew presenting at The 2013 Oscars!

Kristen Stewart has just been added to the roster of presenters for the 85th Annual Academy Awards (The Oscars) taking place this Sunday, Feb. 24th 2013!  Be sure to tune in on ABC 7e/4p!!



Friday, February 22, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part II DVD HELP!

So guys, I would have already pre-ordered my DVD but I cannot decide where I want it from.

Any kind of suggestion would be helpful because when I ask a question, I don't get an answer :(

Do you know if when you order BD I and BD II from Walmart is it the digital copy of each? If not, is there one where you can get the digital copy of each?

Where is the extra in BD II where they stars are dancing??? I need to see Rob shake his ass lol

Where are you getting yours from and why??

Let me know...March 2nd is coming close and I need to get my hands on my BDII :)

Thanks a bunch!



Finding Renesmee Breaking Dawn Part II DVD

Monday, February 18, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part II release 3/2/13

As the release of Breaking Dawn Part II DVD is coming ahead,  I seen a preview of this and it gave me chills.....It's too crazy to see Twilight ending and I know all us Twi-Hards will be forever Twi-Hards but it's just really sad. I fell like a part of me has disappeared.  I miss it! I miss the cast! I want to see them together again! Don't you ?



New DELETED dog bowl scene Breaking Dawn Part II

A special Thank You message from Bill Condon

Director Bill Condon released a special thank you message to the fans on Twilight Facebook!
On the flight now from Madrid to Berlin, I wanted to check in one last time, as you’re finally getting a look at what we’ve all been working on so intensely. It’s hard to believe that after our Berlin premiere tonight, my TWILIGHT journey will finally come to a close. It’s been almost three years since I first wrote to you. I’m very proud of what we’ve created together since then, and I hope that PART II fulfills your expectations for the grand finale to Stephenie’s sprawling saga. Fingers crossed that you’ve also managed to stay at least mostly spoiler-free, in order to enjoy the twists and parting gifts we have in store for you…
Thank you again for making me feel like a member of your fandom family online…for sleeping in The Line in San Diego in order to laugh with us in Hall H…for traveling great distances to join us in L.A. for last year’s Tent City and this year’s Fan Camp. Above all, thank you for trusting me with this universe you care so deeply about – we tried to match your intensity in our attention to every detail. That said, I don’t think I’ll ever live down the shame of being spied on by Twihard covens around the world on our very first night of shooting in Rio. Thanks to photos shot and instantly posted online of Bella and Edward on their honeymoon, we were called out in real time for missing a certain engagement ring… (Sorry — again!) 
As with you all, what I’ll take with me from my time in Forks are so many great friendships – our massive cast of talented actors, and new creative partners such asMelissa Rosenberg, Guillermo Navarro and Phil Tippett. I hope to know them all for years and to work with them again soon, making movies yet to be dreamed up. At the L.A. premiere Monday night, Phil said we should make a “bloody, giant monster movie.” But is there room for a musical number?
See you at the theatre.



Stephenie Meyer letter in regards to BD II

In case you never saw this letter from Steph regarding Breaking Dawn Part II, here it is!

Hi everyone. I hope you’re all coming back from a really fabulous Thanksgiving weekend, full of quality family time, too much delicious food, and restful tryptophan comas.
Two weeks ago, while doing press for Breaking Dawn 2, there were a lot of questions I wasn’t able to answer because I didn’t want to spoil the ending for anyone. I promised in a couple of interviews that I would post the answer to a specific question on my website once everyone had had a chance to see the movie. Now, if there is anyone reading this who hasn’t had a chance to see BD2 yet and really wants to remain unspoiled, please stop reading now.
***spoilers ahead***
The question, which I got frequently, was how I felt about having a big change inserted into the story during the final climax. My answer was that it didn’t feel like such a huge departure. For me, this moment is already in the book. However, we don’t get to see it in all its exciting and gory detail because we are seeing the world only through Bella’s eyes. A few of the reporters I talked to wanted to know where in the book this moment was hidden. The answer is page 738, fourth paragraph down:
“Aro stared into my eyes for a long, tense moment. I had no idea what he was searching for, or what he found, but after he had measured me for that moment, something in his face changed, a faint shift in the set of his mouth and eyes, and I knew that Aro had made his decision.”
In this short analysis, after Bella has revealed the depth of her power, Aro plays out in his head the probable outcome of a battle with the Cullens. Much like what we see in the movie, Aro foresees a more evenly matched fight than he had expected, the loss of too many of his key players, and—most unacceptable—the likelihood of his own death. Though odds are that the Volturi would have come out on top in the end, Aro wouldn’t have lived to see it and the unassailable nature of the Volturi’s authority would have been broken, possibly forever. It is this vision of the future—though imperfect guesswork on his part—that motivates his retreat.
Melissa Rosenberg and I have both mentioned the fateful dinner we had (back during the filming of Eclipse) where we hashed out a way to make the end of Breaking Dawn more cinematic. This was the idea we latched on to—how do we make this vision of Aro’s into something the viewer can experience? The answer was pretty simple once we looked at it that way—we already had a character who could show us visions. So the only real change to the book ending of Breaking Dawn is that Alice enters the scene earlier, and comes in contact with Aro.
(Are there a few little trespasses against the mythology in this vision? Yes, as some of you have pointed out. The consensus was that a minor deviation from what had been established was forgivable in the name of entertainment. I had a few very elaborate solutions, but they were too confusing and not nearly as cinematic as the final product. And obviously, the result was very entertaining.)
A few reporters asked me if I would have done anything different in the battle if I had written it; the answer is yes. Mainly, I would have killed more Cullens. I do think the Volturi would have won the day; as the talented players were taken out, in the end it would be brute strength that would determine the victor, and the Volturi have more soldiers and more experience. Of course, if we had offed Edward or something, it might have been too obvious that it was a vision sequence. In the end, when the vision was revealed, the reaction I heard in the two unsuspecting audiences I viewed it with was nothing but relief and enthusiasm. Kudos to Bill C for creating the perfect emotional response! He plays our heartstrings like a virtuoso.
It was really something to get to spend a little time with the fans at the BD2 events, and to watch the movie at the premiere with so many of them. It was the best experience I’ve ever had at a Twilight movie, and a perfect conclusion to my personal Twilight experience. I hope you also enjoyed the movie, and each other, for this last big bang. You, the readers and viewers, are the ones who have made this whole ten-year experience into something unbelievable and amazing, and I thank you so much for it. I hope I get to see some of you again in March (shameless The Host plug), because it makes me too sad to think that my relationship with my readers is ending, too.
Happy Holidays to you all, may the season be filled with good friends and good books!



Friday, February 15, 2013

Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart bowling

KStew dropped in on Taylor's 21st birthday party at a bowling alley on Saturday February 9th according to Us Weekly and they were living it up with his friends!

Happy 21st belated Birthday to Taylor (February 11th)! We hope you had a great day!!



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Twi-Hards!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Valentine's day with those you love!



New Breaking Dawn images being released

As it is coming near (March 2nd, 2013) for the release of Breaking Dawn Part I extended version and Breaking Dawn Part II, new pix are being released! Check out this one! Don't you just love Bella's dress! Cuz i know i do! ;)



Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Was going through some web sites for a baptism girl cake topper and ran into this! Thought it was AMAZING and wanted to share! I knew my Twilight friends would LOVE IT because i know i do!! ;)

Here's the link if you want one ;)