Thursday, June 30, 2011

My B-day (7/9) Twilight Twitter Challenge :O)

Hey as I was working this morning, I came up with something really cool.  My 26th birthday is July 9th and I came up with a pretty cool challenge I want to do...I hope that it will run smoothly but no disappointments if not :*(

I am going to Tweet all the Twilight cast members that are on Twitter as well as the directors to see if they will send me a Happy Birthday shout out from hopefully today until my actual birthday..July 9th :)

So let's keep our fingers crossed and see if any of them will :) be sure to watch my Twitter updates to the left of this post halfway down the page!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Twilight Websites, Fansites, Contests, etc

So as I go through looking up different Twilight contests, fansites etc, I've notice a lot that have nothing posted after 2010 ;( it seems to me that Twilight is dying down but not for still growing Twilight if other fansites etc want to die down..we'll I say more for me! ;) But really what is up with that???

If any of you Twilight fans are reading this...and have Twilight friends, please refer them to my site :)
I also have Twitter too if you want to add me as well :)

Breaking Dawn Countdown Widget :*(

So...I got a request to put up a Breaking Dawn countdown widget which I have been trying to do for the past...I don't know MONTH :( and I still can't seem how to upload one...I have tried every single site without success :*( but I'll keep trying..."until your heart stops beating" lol sounded like a fun time to quote lol

If anyone has any idea's on getting that widget please let me know :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Twilight Affection & Fighting

After having yet another Twilight marathon this weekend lol i've come to the conclusion that I would like to see some more affection between.. Jasper & Alice, Emmett & Rosalie and Carlisle & Esme... they don't show much affection at all.. I understand this Twilight story is mainly about Edward & Bella BUT its also about all the other characters as well. Dont get me wrong I absolutely LOVE everything about twilight but wouldn't u want to see more love in those characters as well? More affection?

Also while watching the fight scenes..i'd like to see more speed..more choreograph in Breaking Dawn for the main fight scene. The fighting should be more intense.. don't ya think? 

These are just my thoughts of course... :)

As of  right now.. it is 143 days, 17 hours and 49 minutes till Breaking Dawn :O)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming soon..Volvo Contest -Twilight :)

Just a heads up but every year Volvo Cars does a contest with each Twilight movie that comes out very exciting and tho it has not come out should be soon. I just want to mention it to all of my bloggers to get u ready ;) and tell u in case u didn't know about it. Last year the contest came out in June and I remember July, on my birthday I got the semi-finalist email it was a great birthday present! Although I didn't was still nice ;)

Last year u would enter to win premier tickets. Next would be a game, u would have to find the quickest route to the Cullen's house from forks...I had to do it many times but I got it ;) the end ur competeting for the Volvo just like the one you see Edward drive! 

Make sure u like volvocars cars us on facebook.  I have actually posted something on their wall in regards to when it might be coming out and they said "very soon and we're really excited about it"

I'll keep u updated as to when it starts! I can't wait! ;)

Good luck to anyone who participates!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twilight Quiz Question #1

What song is playing in the background when Edward proposed to Bella and she said yes as he presented her with his mothers ring? ;)

Comment your answer below and I will reveal the correct answer in a week or so!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Digital Copies for The Twilight Saga

I really like the digital disc copies in the movies...I got one in Twilight but not in New Moon or Eclipse..I really hope they decide to make Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2 with digital copies ;) a nice little perk in the packages..I always need one for the big screen n one on my ipod ;) 

On a side note I'd really like to thank everyone for visiting my blog. I really don't have much Twilight fan friends so I'm glad I can express myself to all of u! Thank you!! :)

Team Twilight FOREVER!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Twilight changing one life @ a time 8)

Im not sure how many times you've seen the Twilight movies or read the books but I know I can't count how many times I have.. lol

I often say I can recite the lines from the books and movies better than the actors themselves and I think it is too funny lol..I can listen to the movie on my ipod while closing my eyes and I know exactly what is happening as I would watching it.  I know everything that is being said word for word before they say it lol I keep on thinking that I hate for twilight to come to end but i'll always re-read and re-watch twilight ;)

I use lines from the movie in my daily life lol if u see on some od my posts in my blog I do a little quote...n even though when I say things to people quoting Twilight because it fits at certain times, i'll laugh because I get it but they have no idea..unless of course they too are a Twilight fan! lol :)

I am so thankful that Stephenie Meyer wrote was always a place I could turn to whether reading the books or watching the movies that made my life complete..whether I was really depressed in life many many years ago or unbelievably :)

Twilight has really changed my life in so many ways and I am sure it has for you.   For one thing it has brought me and my little sister who is 18-years-old closer.   We never really had much in common as I am think we would...but those many years ago, we both had something to talk about which was Twilight.  Without Twilight...we wouldnt have that sister bond that we have and which I now cherish.  No one will quite understand how much Twilight means to me and why I need to make my dream become a reality...

Has Twilight changed your life??

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rob & Kristen & Tabloids ...

One thing that really gets under my skin is tabloids....a lot of magazines are in it for any kind of gossip they can get their hands on but how are they to know what's true and what's false? Most of the things they write about aren't even true.

One reason I want to meet Rob is because of that reason I know he's not how he is portrayed in many things are said about just the other day I read how Kristen n Rob broke up because of him cheating. I so can't believe this rumor..yes im sure Rob likes to go out drinking win his buddies as most of us have done..yes woman r throwing themselves at him but..the way he looks at Kristen...I don't think he would ever do something to hurt her...

I know we all see Bella and Edward together..seeing them in Twilight..the chemistry they have...we automatically think that the real people should be together..I think they should but when I had watched tv interviews etc in the past, Kristen barely looks at Rob..she is always talking or touching Taylor...not sure if this is on purpose so no one goes looking into Rob n Kristen's privacy (which is actually a pretty good idea)but...just recently on the MTV awards, Kristen was...I don't know what the word was but looked so in love with Rob..which was nice to see..

Its so funny on a side one time I told my hubby..y can't u look at me like i'm something to eat like Edward does to Bells.. (mind u he has never seen the movies or read the books) he said ummm...bcuz that would b wrong not mentions illegal lol

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Win Breaking Dawn Premier Tix...go to this link!

Hey guys I found this website and I really need your help. I figure it is worth a shot to try to win premier tickets for Breaking Dawn.  If u would click on the link below fill out your name, email and country...then confirm your email I would really appreciate it. This could also help you as well...after submitting your info from this link...u can send the link to 10 of your friends and you will also have a chance to win premier tickets yourself. (the more people you can get to click on the link the more chances you'll have to win).

So here's the link:

P.S. avoid the date on the website...and just keep having people enter and I am still getting emails to get more people to click and enter! Thanx :)

Like I've stated it is MY GOAL to get a chance to meet Robert Pattison...please try and help me achieve it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I wish I was rich or knew people in very high places....

So I've come to realize the only way to get a dream like mine..meeting Rob and the Twilight cast would be if u were filthy rich or know people in very high places neither of which I have. I was looking into pricing for the Breaking Dawn part 1 premier tickets and can u guess what they want? I didnt think nearly as much as they are..$7500 r u serious? One night and not even a guarantee that I could meet Rob...they must be out of their minds...sorry just trying to vent but I just couldn't believe the price..then again if they were cheap...anyone would go..if only I was rich and/or know people in very high places. :*(

Monday, June 6, 2011

The 2011 "Twilight" Awards lol :)

Well last night was a success with the MTV movie awards or as I would have to say the 2011 Twilight awards lol haha
Everything I voted for won which was pretty cool. If u missed it..

The night started off with Best Male Performance to Robert Pattinson.
Following was Best Fight with Rob, Xavier and Bryce Dallas, Best Female Performance Kristen Stewart, Breakout Star Xaiver Samuel, Best Kiss Rob n Kristen and best movie Twilight: Eclipse.

Im so glad they took it all again! I really feel bad for the rest of the nominees..with Twilight in the running, they don't stand a chance.

It was really nice to see Rob let loose..come out of his shell...I so love him and I am absolutely determined to find a way to meet him. How does one get hooked up with movie awards? Or visiting the set of Breaking Dawn? Premiers? I hope someone out there comes across my blog see's the big fan that I am and makes my dream come true ;)

Speaking of Breaking Dawn Part 1 looks amazing I can't stop watching the trailer. I love it and am so looking forward to it...this is going to be hard waiting for November to come seems like it is taking forever!

When Rob gave out Reese's award..his ad lib was amazing...I just loved watching the awards..I got to see so much of was just plain old AWESOME! Hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 MTV Movie Awards

The 2011 MTV movie awards are this weekend be sure to vote for
Twilight to take it all again!! ;)

Voting is still open..listed below are the Twilight categories:

Be sure to tune in this Sunday June 5th @ 9 pm

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

*Twilight* is MY LIFE :)

soooo onto another topic..
after reading the twilight saga many many times dont u feel as though they are ur friends..i have many friends but when i get into twilight it seems that these people are just as u feel the same way? like when u dont read or watch twilight..u kind of miss them?

its so funny just the other day my husband asked me how can i read the same book and watch the movies over and over again...he doesnt realize the books are so good that i cant help but to read them over and over as well as watch the movies continuously.

something funny..when we were planning our wedding last year, i always told him edward is my fantasy man and ur just my real one lol something he needed to keep in mind lol