Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun Twilight movie fact

The prom took place at View Point Inn overlooking the Columbia river.

It cost $20,000 to build the gazebo with built in turn tables and 10,000 lights.

They sure didn't cut any corners while filming Twilight!! And I'm so glad they didn't!!



Saturday, April 28, 2012

RPATTZ arriving in Washington D.C. 4/27/12

New pic of Rob arriving in Washington, D.C. Friday April 27th For a White House Correspondence Dinner taking place on Sunday April 29th!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A new report reveals K-Stew’s sexy plans for R-Patz during their upcoming Spanish vacation.

According to,

"This sounds like a deleted honeymoon scene from Breaking Dawn: According to OK!Kristen Stewart is planning on preparing a meal for Robert Pattinson – in her underwear! “She’s already gone and bought a ton of new lingerie,” a source tells the mag. “She’s going to bring it with her” when the couple departs for Madrid, Spain, in May.

While Rob, 25, and Kristen, 22, are in Europe for the Cannes Film Festival, the lovebirds are planning a romantic trip to Madrid — and sexy cooking isn’t the only thing they’ve got planned.
“Kristen promised Rob she’ll make time for a romantic getaway after he convinced her to add a couple days onto the trip for some quality time together,” the source adds. “There are some really epic nightclubs in Madrid and they’re already planning a big night out.”
Kristen cooking for Rob HOW SWEET!! and a getaway for them to have some quality time together is a MUST!! I love RPattz and KStew together!! DON'T YOU?

Kellan Lutz awaits what scene in Breaking Dawn Part II??

According to Us Weekly, 

"Kristen and I have a fun arm-wrestling scene," Lutz, 27, told Us. "I've been looking forward to that since day one of the franchise!"

I cannot wait to see Breaking Dawn Part II especially the one Kellan describes above! It will be fun!!!:)

To see the full article head over to the link below!!

Read more:



2012 Movie Awards: Rise Up! Sit Down. MOVIE PROMOS GO TWILIGHT!!

2012 Movie Awards: Rise Up! Sit Down.: It is time for humanity to rise up --- for good, for evil, for Ryan Gosling in...whatever. Rise up! Sit down. And tune in to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards airing live on Sunday, June 3 at 9/8c.

2 New Stills from Breaking Dawn Part II

I love it when it gets closer to a Twilight movie....they start releasing all the goodies like music, pix, scenes, etc.

But i for one like to be surprised.....yet i can't get enough. So lets have at it. Here are two new stills for The Breaking Dawn Part II. Who's ready??? MEEEEEE!! :)




Monday, April 23, 2012





Introducing Twilight :)

I was reading my pregnancy book and it said to talk to your baby and read it one of your favorite novels as they can now hear you @ 23 weeks of pregnancy, etc.

So what better way for my little girl to become a Team Edward Twi-Hard then to start in the womb ;) lol

Looks like i will be introducing Twilight to her NOW!! :)

Have any of you other Twi-Mommies out there done the same??



Friday, April 20, 2012

Twilight Tonner Dolls On-Sale

LOVE Twilight as much as the rest of us Twi-Hards?? go to the website below to get your collectible Twilight Tonner dolls now!! :)

Prices start at $139.99 and up

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

KStew and RPattz forbidden to be in public together :(

On April 13th, KStew attended the red carpet solo world premiere of Paul McCartney's new music video, "My Valentine" with her beau, RPattz.
According to, there is a reason behind why RPattz was MIA.  
“One was he didn’t want to make it the Kristen and Rob show and take away from the actual event,” their source says. “And they also have a clause in their Twilight contracts that they can only appear together at a Twilight themed red carpet together. Twilight kind of owns some of their appearances they do together until Breaking Dawn is 100% completed.”
I have to say it's kinda BS that it in their contract that they can only do appearances for Twilight until Breaking Dawn is completed.  They are a we all know the real reason why we hardly see them out in public :( it's kinda of sad that they aren't able to do what they want but eventually they will be able to.  
I love you RPATTZ and KSTEW!!!

Kristen Stewart News - Kristen Stewart Thanks Fans, Introduces Chance to Win a Trip to 'Snow White' Premiere! (EXCLUSIVE) - Celebuzz

Kristen Stewart News - Kristen Stewart Thanks Fans, Introduces Chance to Win a Trip to 'Snow White' Premiere! (EXCLUSIVE) - Celebuzz

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Twilight DVD on TV deleted scene lol

Im watching Twilight's DVD on TV channel just showed a deleted scene when Edward gets up just as the bell rang....but instead of leaving he grabs Bella biting her neck....and it looks like he was grabbing her boob lol i thought it was too funny and had to share it. I even had to do a triple take to see if i really saw that lol haha



RPattz insecure about his shirt off

According to a lot of news reports RPattz is ashamed of pictures being taking with his shirt off.

Rob spoke below about being compared to his famously toned twilight co-star, Taylor Lautner:

"I have never been so worried about that (how i looked) before, but after seeing how much Taylor works out for the movies, i thought, well, everybody is really going to judge me now."

Rob sweetheart, YOU ARE AN AMAZING TALENTED SINGER AND ACTOR AND THERE ARE SO MANY WOMAN SUCH AS MYSELF WHO WOULD DO ANYTHING JUST TO MEET YOU. Do not be ashamed of the body you have, because all us girls love you the way you are!!



What's next for Robert Pattinson?

Although I love Rob in Twilight.....I know it's about to end :( and is going to move on... 
According to an interview with The Sunday Times (republished by the Coventry Telegraph), Pattinson's currently weighing his future film options, and he's got three scripts in hand that he's considering.
"Nobody's going 'Get me Pattinson,'" he explained in the interview. "I always find the best scripts have been written with people in mind but I don't know who I am yet in terms of cinema and I haven't done enough work to have an audience perceive something . . . It's still 'Oh, there's the Twilight guy trying to do something else.' I'm very conscious of what I think people would believe me as, which drives my management crazy . . . I've turned down playing a marine, because I don't want marines to go 'This is a disgrace.'"
Pattinson has been rumored to be considering a role in a Paul McCartney animated film, but he would not share which scripts he's currently mulling over.
I'm really hoping Rob will continue in his music career...I love him AMAZING voice!! 

Getting to know newcomers of Breaking Dawn Part II

On Twilight, Amanda Bell does seven things to know about the newcomers from Breaking Dawn Part II.  Below is the new cast she talks about with a few facts:

Amazonian Coven

                        Birthday: Mar. 31st, 1982 (Age 30)

                        Hometown: Manchester, UK

                       Twitter handle: @JudiShekoni

                        Birthday: Feb. 1st

                        Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

                       Twitter handle: None confirmed.

Romanian Coven

                         Birthday: Aug. 1st, 1972
                         Hometown: Israel

                         Twitter handle: @GuriWeinberg

                    Birthday: March 13th, 1984 (Age 28)
                    Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
                    Twitter handle: @Noel_Fisher

                    Egyptian Coven
                         Birthday: 1974
                         Hometown: Queens, NY
                         Twitter handle: None confirmed.
                         Birthday: July 4, 1978
                         Hometown: Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY
                         Twitter handle: @AGabrielTweet
                     Birthday: May 12, 1981
                     Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
                     Twitter handle: None confirmed.
                            Birthday: June 30, 1983
                            Hometown: Armenia
                            Twitter handle: @AngelaSarafyan

Irish Coven
                           Birthday: December 25, 1972
                           Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
                           Twitter handle: @ThePatBrennan

                     Birthday: Nov. 24
                     Hometown: Akron, OH
                     Twitter handle: @LisaHowardNYC

                           Birthday: May 31st?
                           Hometown: Portland, ME and Fort Smith, AR
                           Twitter handle: @MarlaneBarnes

                 Birthday: Mar. 25th, 1979
                 Hometown: Chickash, OK
                 Twitter handle: None confirmed

                   Birthday: Aug. 14th
                   Hometown: Norfolk, VA
Twitter handle: @ErikOdom

                       Birthday: Unknown
                       Hometown: Orange County, CA
                       Twitter handle: @Valorie_Curry

                      Birthday: Sept. 30th, 1980
                      Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
                      Twitter handle: @ToniTrucks

                        Birthday: Oct. 16th
                        Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
                        Twitter handle: @Billy_Tangradi

                         Birthday: Mar. 26th, 1982
                         Hometown: England
                         Twitter handle: None confirmed

French Coven

                     Birthday: Feb. 2nd, 1988 (Age 24)                    

                     Hometown: Senegal, Africa and New York City, NY

                    Twitter handle: @AmadouLy
Janelle Froehlich - "Yvette"

                              Birthday: Unknown
                              Hometown: San Francisco, CA
                              Twitter handle: @JanelleFro

South Americans
                        Birthday: Unknown
                        Hometown: Unknown, studied at Brown University
                        Twitter handle: @MarisaQActress

                   Birthday: Sept. 7, 1980 (Age 32)
                   Hometown: Panorama City, CA
                   Twitter handle: None confirmed
For the rest of the information, go to the link below to continue reading on Get to know all the new 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' vamps - National Twilight |