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Aren't these some HOT PIX of Robert Pattinson?...YUMMY!! :)

to see more pix from this photoshoot go to the link above :)

Please sign my Twitition for Twi-Tour Orlando FL


its to get the wonder twins Nikki Reed who is alreading attending Twi_Tour in Orlando Fl 12-10-11 and
Peter Facinelli who is not.. together for the convention.


Help spead the word n sign!!

Thank you bunches!!! =D

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Creation Entertainment posted NEW TWILIGHT EVENT!

On Creation Entertainment Website:

They have posted the new Twilight Convention that was on HOLD for November 4, 5 and 6th.  Details are not yet listed but since it is near the release of Breaking Dawn Part I and located in Los Angeles I am going to have to assume the 3 big stars will be there...aka RPattz, KStew and Tay.  But we will see..I will keep you up to date as much as I can whenever I see more information forming on this event! :)

New Still of Bella, Renee and Charlie for Breaking Dawn

25 Things you don't know about Peter Facinelli

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Peter Facinelli, 37, (Nurse Jackie’s season finale airs on Showtime June 20 at 10 p.m.) shares the 25 things you don’t know about him with Us Weekly. Click the image below for a full size view.

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Thw Wonder Twins PFach & Nikki Reed

Wonder Twins skit for

Peter Facinelli directed a skit for and starred in it alongside of fellow ‘Twilight Saga’ actress Nikki Reed. The skit is supposed to debut in a week or so, but until then, check out of the photo of Peter (Zan) and Nikki (Jayna) in full costume.

see more at

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Rpattz reveals Y Kstew "tears out my heart" article

Robert Pattinson Reveals Why Kristen Stewart ‘Tears Out My Heart!’

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R-Patz says one particular scene in ‘Breaking Dawn’ provided unique difficulties!

Robert Pattinson works so hard, and now he’s revealing what moment with Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn was his most challenging ever!

Rob, 25, found Bella’s pivotal birthing scene especially jarring, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.
“The birth scene is frightening,” Rob says. “It’s a slap in the face. It’s failure to Edward, who has to choose between losing Bella and transforming her. It’s the toughest scene I’ve ever had to film in my career because this choice tears out my heart.”
What do you think, HollywoodLifers — will the birth scene be the most intense of the series?

– William Earl

Sink Your Fangs Into More R-Patz And K-Stew News HERE!

Nikki Reed Officially on Twitter

According to the GORGEOUS @peterfacinelli's tweet below....Nikki Reed is on Twitter :)
@NikkiReed_I_Am  #FF her NOW! :)
Peter Facinelli
by add2twilight11

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Please sign this Twitition :)

Hey guys...Please sign this Twitition to get the Breaking Dawn Premier in NYC :)

go to this sign..sign in with Twitter or FB, sign and share with your friends!!!

Thank you A BUNCH!!! xoxo

Robert Pattinson's SEXY Photoshot

Robert Pattinson Is TOO SEXY In These New Photoshoot Outtakes!

Go to this link to see more

New Breaking Dawn Stills :)

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Breaking Dawn Premier Release date & location

My twi-tour day @ The Hyatt in Cambridge MA 8/21/11

The morning of i woke up before my alarm went off which was set for 500..but i got up at 450. ..thats when u know ur super excited for the day lol

Me n my sis got on the road a little later than expected BUT i had to make sure i had everything with me. So i had plans of leaving at 600 but we left at 700 and we arrived at 10:00 and got right in line ;) we saw BooBoo Stewart walk by first...while in line talking to other twi-hards. Then there goes Alex Meraz and finally Peter Facinelli ;) he went by twice and i said hi when he walked by the second time without his sunglasses on n he said hi back n i was like hyperventilating lol he looked right at me!! :)

1030 we signed in and didnt know what to do lol it was our first convention so we made friends to c what to do. We went to the venders room..met BooBoo's mom who was beautiful and sooooo nice. Then we went into Hillywoods room. One thing i was kinda upset about was i thought there should b more venders ;( instead of just one room.... ;(

1130 We then headed to the theater where we saw Hillywood where we saw the eclipse parody. I never saw it before and i thought it was pretty freaking awesome lol

1150 BooBoo was on first. I listed the Q&A n pix below as I did with Alex and Peter. He is so cute fun loving and so full of goodness. I really liked him. Rumor has it that he signed autographs at his moms booth for free when u bought a pic. I should have went back but i thought it was too late ;( for anyone who goes just keep that in mind ;) i will for my next one ;)

After BooBoo. .Twilight Lexicon was in the panel. It was 1230 and me n my sis didn't eat all day so we head to the car n eat. ...Then filled out some Q&A for Alex and Peter.

At 1:30 There was an auction. They had some pretty neat stuff...Autographs from ie Rpattz Kstew, Convention banners,  etc. These people were sure if i had the $$$$$$$ id pay a few hundred for an Rpattz autograph but i know my husband would kill me lol he said im watching the cc lol

2:05 FINALLY THE FUN BEGINS ;) Alex Meraz came out ;) he is was soo funny...he is def my favorite in the wolf pack. So hott!! For those of u who dont know, he is Paul lol i enjoyed Alex he was so funny and really dedicated to his work. He said one thing he took from Twilight is the friendship which is totally awesome! But ladies...he is married..he told us that is what the tattoo on his right finger was :)

3:00 Next we got in line for Alex's photo op. One thing about it is very fast...but they'll talk for a couple if u start the conversation but u do have to be conciderate of the people time i know...that i can b last. ..I bought the photo op so ur guaranteed and i think the last one up would have the longest time ;) maybe i.shouldnt have shared my secret lol

It was funny Alex said this past movie he did they knew he was from Twilight and someone said....Move Twilight your blocking my spotlight lol hahaha

3:20 fav of the day Peter Facinelli...omg this man is amazing. I was totally a die hard Edward aka Rob fan...this man made me think of just him for these past few days...he is so fun...i just want to spend the day with him lol

Peter said that him and Kellan Lutz had an awkward hug moment at 3:00 am one morning ....Peter thought Kellan was going in for a hug but he was going for his food and ya lol haha Peter told it way better but It was something I wanted to share lol op with peter ;) when it was our turn i said peter no on appreciated my nails yet n i knew u would (they were twilight designed) n he tok my hands in his and said wow..they're awesome and my sis said i did them lol n he said look at mine lol n i held his hands i told him can u like bite my neck he said i cant do that but u can bite my wrist? I said ummm nah lets do a regular pic lol after that i asked for a hug and omg did he smell sooo yummy lol

His photo-op I have to say was beyond AMAZING. He was so cool, down to earth and had fun while taking photos...had the music going....dancing etc. I wish I would have gotten in a photo alone with him... NEXT TIME FOR SURE :)

but that wasnt all...i waited till everyone was done. I wanted him to sign my Breaking Dawn book but i was scared to ask..i had my orange sharpe out n the book open n my sis pushed me into him i said um peter can u ummm do u mind? N i flashed my puppy dog eyes at him lol the girl said noooo n he looked at her said whatever and then said to me ya sure ill sign it and he did ;)

after that we had to not good driving long distances n we were three hours away so we needed to get on the road....since that interaction with Peter....ive been on cloud 9. Ive been tweeting him like crazy hoping he'll text me but nothing yet. I have to wait three weeks for my photo op to b seen on line n im kinda upset bcuz i want it now ;(

i had such an amazing time but i do wish they had a twilight convention in the Albany New York was such a rush to meet them i want to do it again but none are around me the rest of the year which tottally sux ;(

If u ever get a chance to go to this twi tour...DO IT. Even though meeting some of the Twilight cast members just even for a couple is just an amazing feeling. I need to thank Team Twilighters again for choosing me as the winner of their ticket giveaway. I need to thank Twi-Tour Creation Entertainment as well for holding this event. I am so bleesed i had this wonderful oppertunity. Thank u again guys!!! Xoxoxo

I know I have been slacking on the Twilight News but I will get back to that tomorrow...I thought me meeting them, sharing my experience with pix and Q&A was more important!! :)

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Q&A with Peter Facinelli Twi-Tour 2011 Hyatt Cambridge MA

FIRST OFF..I LOVED PETER! He was AMAZING.  At the end of the photo-op right before I ready to leave I asked Peter for an autograph in my Breaking Dawn Book and HE DID IT! He is so great. :)

When I first saw Peter...and hyperventilated when he said hi to me lol

If Peter could pick a wolf....He would choose BooBoo.

He doesn't have a stalker....although he joked and said he wish he did..he tells twitter everywhere he is or is going....n no stalker....well PETER I would stalk u if u want a stalker lol

He grew up in the east coast and liked the fast pace but likes the west coast weather

He joked and said he was fascinated by the job of the guy who puts ice in the urinals lol

He studied pre-law for a year told his parents he wanted to go to NYU for Law and took up theater

My Question was did he have any bad habits...I had two but they used this one :( that's ok tho lol
He said he used to smoke but doesn't anymore BUT he does bite his fingernails lol doesn't like the nail clippers and doesn't think he's ever used them lol

His mother is a GREAT italian cook so he uses her recipes and can cook things very well

He did a Disney Cruise just recently 10 days

If he could be in a Cartoon it would be the Smurfs

If had to choose to be attacked by a Vampire or a Zombie ...if he could live afterwards he would choose to be attacked by a Vampire so that he could live forever and not have his brains eaten lol

He isn't good with heights

He rarely watches TV

Not a big Starbucks fan even though he is seen there because it is convenient 

Likes Denny's :)

Charities he invests in is Alex Lemonade Foundation 
St. Judes

Pet Peeve is he doesn't like that the seats don't go back really in an airplane.  Then when the flight attendant says to put your seat up ..he joked about what the difference between here and here...if this makes me live or there is only a slight difference lol it was a funny story.  He then went onto say that he hates when he's sleeping in the airplane and the flight attendant wakes him asking if he wanted something to eat..he said he was thinking do I look hungry lol he told it better of course lol

He has three sisters who dressed him up in dresses etc.  He always grew up with a tight family and tries to continue that in his family now.  Family is important.

I really enjoyed Peter. I showed him my unique Twilight nails and he liked them and joked with me.  He also smelt so good......OMG I know I am really TEAM EDWARD but I met Peter....and I really LOVE him.  I need to sign up for another convention :)

and the pix :)

Q&A with Alex Meraz Twi-Tour 2011 Hyatt Cambridge MA

Here is my Photo-Op with Alex :) My and my sis went together.  He is my FAV wolf.  SO HOT!!!!

He paints and Salvador Dali inspired his art work :)

He was inspired by Bruce Lee via his acting

He hung out with Actors Colin Farrell and Christian Bale which got him more into acting

I asked him what his biggest fear was and he said going down in a plane....I fell ya Buddy...I have the same fear :(

His favorite app is Angry Birds....MINE TOO :)

Doesn't want any kind of warts lol as someone asked him about what house would he want to be in at Hogwarts via Harry Potter lol he didn't know anything about it lol

Funny Childhood Memory was he was always teachers day during reading..he was sitting in front and his teacher just looked at him...he was sitting there with his zipper unzipped and he didn't wear underwear lol  too funny ...

He is addicted to chapstick (at the moment it was Jacob Black lip balm) lol

He is MARRIED....someone asked what the tattoo on his ring finger meant and it is technically his wedding band that he shares with his wife..

When he was younger..he melted crayons and cut chunks of his hair and made art showing his parents his dedication to art.

Knows nothing about cars..

As a practical joke...his last movie he just finished...he was dead had a bag thing over his head and the girl was taking it off...and he had cut X's and put them over his eyes and stuck out his tongue and she gave him this weird look...he said it was really funny and he told it of course way better lol

Another one of my ?'s was if he could be any cartoon character who would it be...he said TAZ :)

Breakfast inspires him the most in the morning lol

He prefers Tea over Coffee..Green Tea

He isn't sad in a way Breaking Dawn is over because he gained A LOT like Friendships :)

He loves Japanese food...but really all foods

Arizona is his hometown

Alex was really great. He was really funny and sooooo HOT...I think I mentioned that already.  He was really cool tho I hope to meet him again!!!

And more photo's :)

ahhh sooo hottt!! lol

Q&A with BooBoo Stewart at Twi-Tour 2011 Hyatt Cambridge MA

He liked playing Seth because he was Happy and Fun

His favorite Comic Book Hero was The Crow

He would like to be in the Boondacks III

He doesn't know if he wants to attend depends on where he is in his career.  He did a lot to get where he was in his career and wants to pretty much go with it to see where it goes.. It would be hard to start over again.

His favorite candy is Reese Peanut Butter Cups

He thought Rob was really funny on the set because he is naturally funny

He started singing and acting when he was 10 yrs old (He's 17)

His diet consists of chocolate covered pretzels, Hersey kisses, Reeses, french fries, etc

His special talent was he cut turn his feet inward lol

Wants to do a gangster movie i.e. The Town, Departed

Got called JR a lot because he is a JR

He was last seen in call backs (for Twilight)

He LOVES Chinese Panda Express

Not always wanted to act. He wanted to be a BMX rider or a chef (but could't be a chef cuz his mom said he had to be clean and he wasn't...he was messy) lol

He is TEAM EDWARD ooooooo lol

Coolest place he has ever traveled to was Australia... Rome looked cool but not food

Still does Martial Arts and started when he was 3

What he looks for in a girl is to be YOURSELF

Liked Heath Ledger and inspired him to want to act

Hobbies...XBox Call of Duty but isn't great at it

His sis and him won a Martial Arts Tournament not too long ago

Doesn't like roller coasters

Is afraid of Sharks, water, ocean, dark areas..

Pix I took

Monday, August 22, 2011

My last minute @peterfacinelli autograph in my breaking dawn ... on Twitpic

My last minute @peterfacinelli autograph in my breaking dawn ... on Twitpic

Me n @TheAlexMeraz omg i love him! Lol on Twitpic

Me n @TheAlexMeraz omg i love him! Lol on Twitpic

Twilight Convention MA Sunday August 21,2011

I know you guys are anxious to see all the pix I took, the information and the experience I had BUT today has been super busy.  I am going to put everything together hopefully tonight to share it with you tomorrow! I am super excited...still on Cloud 9 from meeting Peter Facinelli and Alex Meraz, getting a photo-op with both of them and a last minute signature from Peter.  They are so down to each and such sweet guys! I really need to go to another convention.  It was really nice sharing my love for Twilight with other Twi-Hards like myself! Thank you Twi-Tour and Team Twilight for giving me this amazing experience.

More information to follow.... with pix extra :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Getting Ready for the Twi-Tour Convention in Boston this weekend! =)

Hey guys,

I am getting ready for the Twilight Convention this weekend in Boston.  I cannot wait!! I will only be attending Sunday but I am super excited.  I will be taking lots and lots of pix hoping to snag an autograph of any of the cast and defintely a photo op with Peter :)

I am three hours away so I will probably be posting my awesome expierence on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.  So make sure you check in to see my pix and experience. Cross you fingers I get to meet them all or just get up close in person with Peter :) xxxxxxxx

My Twitter Conversation with a Twilight Breaking Dawn Member :)

My Twitter Conversation with  @amadouLy :) sooooo cool and then he retweeted my last tweet!! what a nice guy.  My first twitter conversation with a Breaking Dawn STAR! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I 'm going to the Twi-Tour Convention this weekend 8)

Hey guys, I won tickets to go to the Twilight Convention in Boston, Mass this weekend and will be attending on Sunday! I cannot wait.  Thank you again Team-Twighters for this amazing oppertunity.  Anyone who is reading this, let me know if you will be attending too!!! :) I am soooooo excited and I hope I meet them all! especially Peter that is why I am going Sunday :)

I will post pix on here as well as tell you all about the experience I have!! :)


RPattz gives KStew $40,000 love token! article

Robert Pattinson Gives Kristen Stewart A $40,000 Gold & Platinum ‘Love Token’! Awww, How Sweet!

Courtesy of Vanity Fair

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Robert Patttinson is making sure that he’s always close to girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s heart.

How? By giving her a $40,000 antique gold and platinum locket with photos of them inside and a personalized lovey-dovey inscription.

According to Star magazine, the inscription is in Latin, and says “Even if you can’t see me, my love for you is always there.” Awww….
Needless to say, Kristen was bowled over by the gift. “She was really touched—it was so incredibly sweet,” a source told Star.
Rob got Kristen the locket so she feels close to him at all times. The source tells Star, “She’s been in tears, saying she can’t face being away from Rob for too long and that it physically hurts her.”
Get More R-Patz & K-Stew News Here!
  1. Robert Pattinson Admits It Was ‘Nice’ To Be Married In ‘Breaking Dawn’ — Is He Thinking About The Future With Kristen?
  2. Robert Pattinson Parties Through The Night — Without Kristen!
  3. Rob Has Enough Awards, Taylor Should Win ‘Choice Actor’ At The Teen Choice Awards!

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Breaking Dawn Part I & II hit the WEB next week 8/22-26 :)

The Two ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Clips To Hit The Web Next Week?

by Jaypat on August 15, 2011
Breaking Dawn bd clips 280x328 The Two Breaking Dawn Part 1 Clips To Hit The Web Next Week? bella swanAccording to The Hollywood News, the two Breaking Dawn Part 1 clips that were shown at the Empire Presents Big Screen Event over the weekend and at Comic-Con in July will hit the web next week (August 22nd-26th).
Onto day two and straight into the EOne Panel which saw us promised some clips from TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1. We had a bit of an issue in terms of getting to the two clips, but indeed they came just as the Sony panel was about to begin. Saturday was the day that we started live blogging the event and yes, we ran into a little bit of trouble in being allowed to do this during the Sony panel which we respect 100%, but that did affect us nearly missing said two TWILIGHT clips. They did come, and we were allowed to stay to see them. Here’s our thoughts at the time (from the live blog):
The first clip is of Edward and Bella in their honeymoon suite with Edward carrying her into the room….
  • They are looking down at the marital bed
  • Edward very coy looking, they are holding hands and Edward asks Bella if she wants to go for a swim???
  • They kiss, and Edward heads out onto the veranda while Bella exters the bathroom to ‘prepare’.
  • Apologies guys, we have just been asked to leave the auditorium to hand in our laptops. We did just manage to see the two clips. The end of the one we were describing saw Bella and Edward go for a midnight swim, and then the second was heavy with the prescence of Taylor Lautner and the wolf pack in a forest… We will post a full report later, but we are currently to sort out the security problem. Apologies ...

Breaking Dawn Casting Call

I was going through some articles and found this one for Breaking Dawn Casting Call...I just left a comment thought maybe my bloggers would too :) If your interested here it is!

Another casting call arrived to my e-mail. In this case an open audition for The Twilight Saga.
That´s great news. The Twilight Saga new movie Breaking Dawn casting call.
Hope this Twilight casting call is useful.
Breaking Dawn details Bella’s marriage and honeymoon with Edward, which they spend on a private island off the coast of Brazil, which Carlisle gave to Esme as a present. Edward grants Bella’s wish and makes love with her. Days later, Bella realizes that she is pregnant and that her condition is progressing at an unnaturally accelerated rate.

Principal Actor Casting call for The Twilight Saga:

There are a lot of roles to fill, both male and female in this Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Casting Call. Ages 15 to 55.
More Info Here

Extras Casting Call for the Twilight Saga:

There are a lot of extras needed here, both male and female in this Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Casting Call. Ages 15 to 55.
More Info Here

Or you can follow the links on the box on the top of the post.Please read the following post regarding the extras casting for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn:

The Twilight Saga Extras Casting Information

Open casting calls will be posted here when they are available.
Are you going to participate in The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Casting Call and Open Audition? Let us know how it goes.

go to this link:

Breaking Dawn Poster! LOVE IT!!


I have to put my little input on this one. I am 26 and I LOVED the MTV awards this year. I thought it was very entertaining and funny. Although some parents wouldn't agree with their children watching it...I for one thought it was hilarious. :)

Kristen Stewart HATED Twilight Contacts Article

Kristen Stewart Disses on Tight ‘Twilight’ Contact Lenses

August 10, 2011 01:00 PM EDT
comments: 1
Breaking Dawn's Kristen Stewart hated wearing the contact lenses required for her vampire role in the final Twilight movie(s). You know—after the birth, and all, when Edward Cullen saved his wife Bella by turning her into a vampire.
Vampires, as ancient lore and Stephanie Meyer invention both suggest, have red eyes—or sort of golden, if they refrain from snacking on human blood. But Kristen Stewart, reports Hollywood Life, complained that the contacts required to make her look like a "newborn" vampire were too tight—an unusual term for contacts. "They were so painful because they were so tight. I didn't like wearing them at all." says the star in a recent interview.File:Kristen Stewart Life Magazine 3.JPG
"I'm not going to miss wearing those stupid brown contact lenses. They really sucked," This is where the story gets especially confusing, because Kristen Stewart's vampire eyes, according to the book, were red. Her human eyes were brown. Then, also according to the book, Bella Swan-Cullen actually wore brown contacts over her (supposedly real) vampire eyes, to look normal for her father. Contacts on contacts! But, of course, the movie would simply go back to the brown ones she always wore, wouldn't they?
And here it gets even more confusing, because Kristen Stewart has gray-green eyes, while character Bella has chocolate brown. So, by all reports, KStew has worn brown contacts all through the earlier three films. You would think she'd be used to them.
No doubt the director has all this worked out, and Kristen Stewart is now far away from Forks, working on a different fantasy film. As for the battle of the tight contacts, fans will just have to wait until November to sort it all out. Stay tuned.
© Cindy Kroiss – Gather Inc. 2011

EW RPattz & KStew eye color change article for HL

BY HL Staff8.45 AM EDT 08.15.2011

Edward & Bella Have The Wrong Eye Colors In New Pics! Oh No!

Courtesy of EW, Courtesy of Summit

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Every Twi-hard knows the color of Edward’s eyes go from deep amber to black — depending on his thirst — and that Bella has brown eyes. But something is different in these photos!

On the cover of Entertainment Weekly, it’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s real eye colors that are shown — and not Edward’s and Bella’s!

Robert has blue-green eyes, and Kristen has green eyes — very different shades from their Twilight characters’!
The cover shows a scene from Edward and Bella’s honeymoon in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. But rest assured, the photo was taken during rehearsal and they will have their eyes will be the right color in the movie!