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How did Bella get pregnant? cartoon :)

I came along this awesome TWILIGHT cartoon and had to share it!!




Paul McDonald with Nikki Reed at Hotel Cafe 2/21/12 singing together- "All I'm Asking"


Every night I meet Robert Pattinson..
I dream of what I would say,
What we would do
What I would wear, etc.

I'm not quite sure why I need to meet RPattz so bad but it's just something that I need to do.  Ever since that close encounter with him at The Breaking Dawn Part I Premiere in LA, the wants to meet him have increased so much its barely controllable.

One day...this dream I dream every night that I meet Rob will come true. I hope...



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Twilight Museum concept detailed by Chamber speaker Article

According to Forks Forum, 
Published on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 by Chris Cook - Forks Forum Editor

"Rosemary Colandrea, a Twilight fan and retired
middle school teacher, moved to Forks from Naples Florida last year, lured in great part by the town's ties to the internationally-popular Stephenie Meyer vampire love story.
Colandrea is a member of the Stephenie Meyer-Bella's Birthday Committee in Forks and is helping to plan the event, which is set for Forks in mid-September.
Her big hope is to launch a Twilight museum in Forks, and she invited local business people to become investors in the plan at the Wednesday, Feb. 15 meeting of the Forks Chamber of Commerce held at JT's Sweet Stuffs.
A first step in gathering a collection for the museum is underway. Colandrea said an unnamed donor has supplied the funds to bring an arch used as a main prop in the filming of “Twilight,” the first film in Summit Entertainment's five-film Twilight Saga series.
The arch is being brought from Oregon and will be placed in storage for now.
Plans for the three-day 2012 Stephenie Meyer Day event are already scheduled she said, and will include a Twilight-themed film festival this year. Its main event will be a nighttime reenactment of the wedding of Twilight lead characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, featuring costumed characters.
The extensive collection of Twilight film props owned by collector John Henson will also be on display, she said.
Henson plans to sell the prop collection following the release in November of the final scheduled Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part 2, she said. Colandrea said her committee has first dibs on buying the collection, which she said could be a key part of a Twilight museum.
She said the target audience for attracting Twilight visitors to the West End is women 30-plus years of age. This demographic has expendable income and will spend more on gifts, accommodation and dining than teenage fans, Colandrea said. However, “they expect more of an experience” than teenagers. That's where opening a Twilight museum would give them a reason to spend more time in Forks. “They need a reason to come to Forks.”
The key to continuing to draw the Twilight visitors is publicity and social networking, she said.
Colandrea said the publicist helping out the Stephenie Meyer Day committee has ties to Lionsgate – the Los Angeles-based film distribution company now working closely with Summit Entertainment. She said it is rumored that the company is trying to convince author Stephenie Meyer to write a new Twilight-themed book so more films could be made. Breaking Dawn, Part 1, released in 2011, has grossed over $700 million world-wide in movie theater receipts. The DVD version of the film was released last weekend and could bring the total to over $1 billion.
If no additional Twilight books are written by Meyer, there is a possibility that a Twilight television series could be in the works, to be produced following the scheduled November 2012 release of the final movie in Summit Entertainment's five-film Twilight Saga series.
Forks could be the location for the TV series, she said. All five Twilight films were filmed far away from the West End, with major scenes replicating Forks, LaPush and Port Angeles filmed in Oregon and British Columbia. The locations were chosen due to cost considerations, including tax break incentives provided by state and provincial governments. During the filming of the first Twilight film, in 2008, “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke visited Forks and LaPush to scout locations. However, due to budget constraints she wasn't able to film on the West End. During a morning scouting locations and filming videos of the locations at LaPush, Hardwicke told the Forks Forum the lack of funding support from the State of Washington kept the film's producers from filming locally."

see it here:

Would you go to the Forks Twilight Museum??

I would!!!



Stephenie Meyer 'deeply annoyed' at studio's suggestion of sixth 'Twilight'? Continue readinStephenie Meyer 'deeply annoyed' at studio's suggestion of sixth 'Twilight'?

According to,  "New information, though, suggests that Stephenie Meyer herself is "deeply annoyed" with these conversations.
tweet from Variety reporter Josh Dickey stated, "Stephenie Meyer was deeply annoyed that LG brass said they'd do more TWILIGHT pics. She has no such intention."
In response to that, Stephenie clarified something up on her own site below:

"February 22, 2012

Hey all,
Just wanted to clear up a little rumor making the rounds. I have absolutely no issues with anyone at Lionsgate. Far from being a negative thing, it's actually a very nice feeling to know that both Lionsgate and Summit would like to make another Twilight movie if I were ever to write another Twilight book. So, thanks for the support, Lionsgate and Summit. I look forward to working for the first time with new friends at Lionsgate and working again with my old friends at Summit!

It's nice to think that if Steph was going to continue Twilight Lion's Gate and Summit would be all for it, but it looks like Steph doesn't have any intentions.  

I would love to see it continued but, I feel Twilight should live HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER! Don't you?



Will RPattz & KStew attended The 2012 Oscars??

According to, they think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be skipping out on The Oscars on February 26th but they definitely attended the biggest party weekends in Hollywood.

RPattz and KStew "were spotted by several people at a Feb. 24 pre-Oscar party at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, and they shared their reactions online"
"One fan took to Twitter to write, “And R-Patz and Kristen Stewart looked super super loved up at Chateau Marmont too. Like his short hair. Both chain smoking in a corner.”
"Another eagle-eyed onlooker wrote, “Our favorite couple are here and sweet, looking after each other and not disappointing on the PDA #oscars.”
Do YOU think Rob and K-Stew will show up at the Oscars???
We all hope so!!!!


B Nikki Reed says sis-in-law KStew is "one hot vampire"

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Breaking Dawn Chocolates anyone??

I saw on this picture of Breaking Dawn chocolates and HAD TO SHARE IT but i'm not sure where they are or will be sold. When I find out I will update ASAP!!  Yumm! I would so eat all of these chocolates!! Would you??

Thank you Twifans!!



New Moon Graphic Novel

Do you own the Twilight Graohic Novels? Do you LOVE them?? If so, great news!!!  The New Moon Graphic Novel is set to hit shelves October 30th 2012 but you can pre-order it now here on AMAZON.COM. Just go to the link below to do so :)

Will you be grabbing your copy??



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Robert Pattinson WINS 3rd Annual Ivillage Entertainment Award

"Man you'd trade your husband for" IS SO RIGHT EVEN THOUGH I LOVE MY HUSBAND DEARLY LOL

Like i always tell him...your my real Hubby and Rob/Edward is my fantasy man! lol

Rob blew this competition away with 64% of the votes!! Taking this award for the third year in a row!!




check out the article below:|entawards|

Twilight Designed Cookies

I was looking at the Twifans site and saw these AMAZING COOKIES and just had to share them!!

Next time your making cookies, make one of these AWESOME TWILIGHT DESIGNS!! I KNOW I WILL!! :)



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I think it's funny because everyone I know asks me information about twilight, what certain things mean, etc etc

Like I know more than the average Twi-addict lol Hey I just watch the Twilight movies constantly as well as read the saga over and over again and looking up Twilight information on the web! lol

I love that I am the Twilight info go to girl!! Makes me feel really good i can spread the LoVe for Twilight!!

And that's why I AM A TWI-ADDICT!! :)




Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday Dear ASHLEY
Happy Birthday to YOU!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday ASH!!



RPattz & Kstew reunited and it feels so good.... :)

Going through I just found what looks to be a recent pic of the happy couple.....we all are wanting to see pix showing how happy they are and here is one!!


Dont ya just love Scout in Rob Zombie's Halloween I & II! I do!!

Looks to me that the buzz is getting longer...yay Rob!! lol




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ROBERT PATTINSON'S spends 6.3 million on NEW HOME!!

Robert Pattinson spends 6.3 million on a new Spanish colonial Hollywood estate behind a wall and security gate with terraces, several gardens, amphitheatre and a swimming pool.

The Mansion was built in 1921 and was a home of Tim Curry's in the past.

Do you like the RPattz new home?? I do!!



Valentine's Day

I wonder what Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did this Valentine's Day? What kind of gifts did they exchange??

I think if Rob is anything like Edward the best gift he could give to Kristen would be singing her a song :)

What do you think???



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Robert Pattinson: First Red Carpet Interview from the Bel Ami Premiere

Robert Pattinson: First Red Carpet Interview from the Bel Ami Premiere

RPattz thinks he would be re-casted in new "Twilight" film

As I was reading an article at, of course it would come up about Rob and Twilight during a photocall at the 'Bel Ami' premiere. 

Rob says "I'd be curious what Stephenie (Meyer) would write"

"I would think I would be too old (for a sequel". I'm already too old. It might be kind of interesting- They might re-cast me".

He didn't necessarily "hang up his fangs" as the article had said....more like he thought he would be re-casted if a new Twilight movie had come about. Unless Stephenie is great at perfection and can write this, have it on the shelves and turned into a movie within the next couple years.....maybe he is right. He won't be able to look young FOREVER as Edward Cullen could.

I for one, would not be interested if Rob didn't play Edward, Kristen didn't play Bella, etc etc.





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If Stephenie Meyer writes more Twilight, it will continue!

According to Twilight,

In addition to announcing that the first trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 will be released in conjunction with The Hunger Games, new Lions Gate executive (formerly of Summit Entertainment, before it was acquired by Lions Gate) Rob Friedman also explained that if Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer were to write another installment to the Saga, he and the team at Lions Gate would be happy to oblige with a follow-up film installment.
From The Hollywood Reporter, Friedman said, "If she (Meyer) wishes to do it, we’ll be there to support her."
This comes on the heels, of course, of another recent Lions Gate exec statement which indicated that the studio (which is known for its production of television series in addition to films) might be interested in the television potential for the Twilight Saga, post-Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

C'mon Steph! We want to see beyond Breaking Dawn Part II, how Jacob and Renesmee's relationship is  progressing as well as how happy Bella & Edward are!! :) You know that you want to continue to keep our Twilight hearts pumping.....or not for some of us vamps!!! lol :)



Continue reading on If she writes it, they will come: Lions Gate exec on sixth 'Twilight' film - National Twilight |

Kristen Stewart Talks Badass Fairy Tales, Bella Swan, and Her New Leading Man on Snow White Set Visit Article

According to Popsugar,

Last October, we were so excited to pay a visit to the set of Snow White and the Huntsman outside London. We got a sneak peek into the amazing world Kristen Stewart and her costars, including Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Charlize Theron, and more, inhabited while shooting the action-packed fairy-tale movie. We have tons to come from our day poking around the remarkable set and learning about everything from the costumes to the fight scenes. While we were there, we even got to see the aftermath of Kristen accidentally actually punching Chris Hemsworth in the face filming a scene. Check out our chat with Kristen and stay tuned for lots from the set:

Is there something you admire about Snow White?
Yes. It’s strange playing a character that you actually could never truly embody. Her spirit affects people. . . I can’t have Snow White’s effect on people. I can’t actually be completely selfless because nobody is. You can only really play a character like that in a fairy tale and play it with an awful load of integrity. She’s very fully formed, but very farfetched-from-the-reality-that-we-live-in type of person. She also is strong in a very different way than you’d expect. Strength, yeah, but also gusto. I mean, she’s strong. She can kick ass. It hurts very much to do so and so it’s not like you’re watching her go take down a kingdom. You’re not watching going, "Yeah! Kill him!" Really it’s more like you’re watching someone having to do something that doesn’t just go against your sensibilities or that you agree with. It’s gutting. It’s physically gutting, literally. A million reasons, but she’s special.
Do you like that she’s not like your prissy fairy tale?
Yeah, because that’s just a very surface, though she is prissy sometimes. That’s the other thing. It takes her the whole movie basically to become who I’m talking about now. I’m really sort of talking in retrospect. It’s strange. It’s a total identity movie. It’s all about not finding yourself, but actually just being OK with who you always have been and not being ashamed of being the only one who sees the light. It’s an enormous burden and she’s so stunted. She was put away when she was 7 years old and your mother and your father were killed basically right in front of you. We’re not doing the version of a fairy tale that wouldn’t deal with all of those things, where you just sort of skim over all those things, and it's like all of these things are actually really important to the characters. She literally bleeds for her land and her people, and that’s just such a cool concept for me because it’s other people caring about people. It’s very simple, but it’s so common. Every day all the time you see people not caring about each other, and this is just about that.
She learns to be a leader or she’s born a leader inside, do you think?
She’s definitely a born leader. I mean, it’s literally pumping through those veins, but it’s been taken from her. She’s been so stolen from.
To read the rest of the interview, including her thoughts on Bella vs. Snow White and what it was like to punch Chris just read more.
Is it helping you get into the character's mindset to wear those cool costumes?
Absolutely. If you look down and something doesn’t feel like you would definitely be wearing it, or if you go to grab your knife and it flops around or — basically [Colleen Atwood] thinks about every detail. It’s so wearable. I also have puffy sleeves. Somehow she manages to make puffy sleeves look butch. I was always expecting to personally wind up in a — basically what I’m wearing underneath it, like that little blue dress, which is just thin and wispy. I was really happy that she’s got something heavy on — a bit of armor before she actually finds her own armor.
How did you feel the first time you put on the armor? Did you feel more badass?
Yeah. That’s the first thing you want to [pound your chest]. Also, my armor doesn’t have a huge top on it. All the guys, unfortunately, they [raise their arms] and they hit themselves in the head. I can run around in mine. Somehow the armor on the men — unless they’re on horseback and they look amazing, but there’s also something kind of dainty about it, too, like pointy toes. It fits a woman’s body better, I feel. I don’t know, the guys running around suddenly look like little toys — slightly feminine little toys.

Both Snow White and Bella had traumatizing experiences in the woods — being led out to die or have her heart broken — compare those two experiences?
Well, it’s funny. I think [Snow White] genuinely lacks that innate fear of death that we all have. She’s got a serious, fierce survival — not skills, but insights. But she isn’t afraid of anything. What’s harder is to have dreams and hopes that you lived your whole life sort of be just shattered in front of you. So I think probably it’s totally impossible to compare the two. And I know that doesn’t make sense, but I kind of can’t compare.
Can you compare the movies in general? Are there similarities at all?
Bella and Snow White both come to find that they’re leaders. I mean, that’s definitely a similarity. They’re different. They’re very, very, very, different people. Also, I guess in a very sort of righteous way as well it’s all very like — everyone’s telling them “no” and both of them I guess see the light. Both of them are sort of a little more intuitive and spiritually, for whatever reason, connected and their gut is always sort of dead right.
What about working with Chris surprised you? Did you have any preconceptions of him?
Before I met him, I was like, "gosh, so charming." You know what I mean? Like he’s so ridiculously, seemingly nice. Movie-star caliber nice. But he really actually just is. But then again, it’s strange working — cause I mean it’s not a secret. It was completely different part before. It was totally like a rethought. So when he came in it was like "Wow! This is f*cking interesting!" I mean, it was like they really elevated it. Chris is an amazing, nice guy and also [has] great instincts and he can roll with everything on set. He’s really relaxed, whereas I’m always like, "oh my god!" I use my anxiety to do this and he’s always sort of like — he’s a good energy for me. I really like working with him.
You actually punched Chris filming a scene and gave him a black eye?
It’s actually a very confidence building experience. I don’t like punching anyone. So, you know, when you dream and your hand just slides right down their face, it doesn’t do that in real life. It really works. God, that really made me feel horrible, though. I mean, like instantly hot tears and I was like "oops!" We were watching it. It looks — it’ll be in the movie.
Favorite fairy tale as a kid?
I honestly don’t — somebody asked this the other day. I wasn’t here til the end of fairy tales. I really liked The Jungle Book. I was obsessed with The Jungle Book.
Chris said Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.
He is obsessed with Lord of the Rings and he was always like humming Enya as we were trudging up the mountain. I was saying basically, "You should make a remake of Lord of the Rings. Why are you doing this? . . . We’re doing Snow White and the Huntsman, Chris!"

Stephenie Meyer's Blog update on her favorite Breaking Dawn MOMENTS! :)

According to Stepehenie Meyer's blog, some of her favorite Breaking Dawn moments are below!! :)

"February 11, 2012

I've already said a lot about Breaking Dawn in various interviews, so most of this is probably not news. It was a surreal year in a lot of ways and also a crazy crash course in movie making, which came in really handy last summer (see Austenland).
Some of my favorite memories from filming BD 1&2, in random order:
- Weathering a "white squall" off the coast of Paraty, Brazil with the cast and crew during the filming of the honeymoon. We got trapped for the night due to rough seas—roughly 130 people in a house with eight beds, no food, and a very small amount of drinking water. I spent the night on the stair landing, sharing an old mattress covered in blackout fabric with the set photographer, set publicist, and the EPK team. (Shout out to the stair gang! Never forget!) I was actually offered a chance to escape, as was Bill Condon, but we both decided to go down with ship rather than abandon our crew.
- Exploring the third version of the Cullen House, a.k.a. Howl's Moving Castle, now bigger and better than ever. Finally getting to see Alice's room was awesome.
- Watching the creation of a three-story wedding cake composed of dead bodies. I may or may not have climbed to the top to get a picture.
- Being there for Kristen's first wedding dress fitting. Magic. Even Summit's head of marketing got all teary.
- Hanging with the new vampires. We had a lot of very cool people with us, which made the daily grind—particularly the days with wall-to-wall green screen and breathing-hazard fake snow—much more fun.
- Playing Farkle ( with Taylor and company. Yes, it is a real game, and just because I won doesn't mean I was cheating.
- Wearing more clothes at one time than I've ever worn on our Pemberton , B.C. set. People from Arizona should not go outside during February in Canada. They just embarrass themselves.
Drying out
Drying out layers of sock during our lunch break.
- Watching Noel and Guri sing classic Madonna in Romanian accents and full costume.
- Finally seeing Bella and Edward get married, even if it meant freezing my butt off and ending up on screen (ew). Richard Sherman's design was so far beyond my expectations.
- The cottage! The nursery! It was a joke on set that any woman who walked into that nursery would spontaneously conceive. Too beautiful.
- Spending our very last night in beautiful St. Thomas. It was such a nice way to end 101 days of shooting. St. Thomas
From my hotel window in St. Thomas.
- Okay, this one doesn't count because it's not from the filming, but the premiere was a whole lot of amazing, and getting to meet style icon Carolina Herrera was one of the highest points in a night filled with high points. This may be my favorite picture ever: Stephenie with Carolina Herrera

Right now Breaking Dawn 2 is being edited and having special effects added. Still a ways to go with some very complicated effects; we're doing some things we've never done before. I've gotten to see a few scenes so far, and everything is so cool. Bill Condon has such a gift. I was there, I saw everything get filmed, yet I'm still always surprised at how he's able to put it together into something that is more than the sum of its parts.
I'm looking forward to the Breaking Dawn 1 DVD coming out this week. I actually have no idea what all is on it, and I've got my fingers crossed for some of my favorite scenes that didn't make it into the movie.
I look forward to seeing some of you in the upcoming months as publicity for Breaking Dawn 2 starts up. It feels so weird to think it's all coming to an end! Happy in some ways, depressing in others. The saddest part for me is that the next premiere is the last time I'll get to see you guys all together. It's something I always look forward to, even though it's frenzied and I don't really get a chance to talk to anybody. I'll just tell myself that a couple of you will show up for The Host premiere so that I don't get too depressed about finality and goodbyes. It's been quite a ride, hasn't it? Thanks for being there with me through all of this. It wouldn't have been any fun without you. See, now I'm getting maudlin. Better call it quits before I start crying."

The TWILIGHT SAGA 2012 Official Convention Tour To Start SOON!!

I got my announcement e-mail for the 2012 to start soon! Read below for details:

The TWILIGHT SAGA Official Convention Tour is on its way to cities across the United States in 2012 and we're rolling out the red carpet for YOU to enjoy the celebration. Each convention gathering features Twilight celebrities in person, exclusive presentations, videos and merchandising, auctions, costume and trivia competitions and special fan panels. There's parties, music, dancing, autographing and photo ops: all designed for our fellow TWILIGHT fans to enjoy!
CLICK HERE for the up to date information on the 2012 tour dates. Signing up early allows you to pick the best seats in the main theatre where all the stars appear! Many new guests and attractions have been added to our stops since our last message, so check it out!

CHICAGO, IL. March 24-25, 2012
NASHVILLE, TN. April 13-15, 2012
KANSAS CITY, MO. May 19-20, 2012
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS August 25-26, 2012
DETROIT, MICHIGAN September 29-30, 2012
ORLANDO, FLORIDA December 7-9, 2012

I really do LOVE these Twilight conventions.  I've been to two since they are not really in my area but they are AMAZING.  I have met so many great Twi-Hards such as myself and it's nice to make new friends that have the same common PASSION for Twilight as you! Don't you agree??

I would LOVE to go to the NJ one this year which is the weekend of my 27th birthday but unfortunately, this twi-mommy cannot be more than an hour away from home since I am due August 19th :( BUT there is always next year!!! :)

Have you ever went to a Twilight convention??? If not, will you???

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"Dating an older woman....HOT"

-Emmett Cullen to Edward Cullen
in New Moon

Kellan Lutz talks about starting his own clothing line

According to Celebuzz, "Kellan isn't just an actor/model he's a designer!"

Not much information has been given but Im sure this will be happening VERY SOON!

see more here:

Would you wear Kellan Lutz's clothing??

Hell to the YES! Im always down for supporting Twilight actors and their endeavors. ARE YOU??



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Happy Valentine's Day Twilight Style!

Hey guys just wanted to wish you all a
Happy Valentine's Day!

And what a way to celebrate it with a little Twilight passion!!




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"so y-you and Cullen huh??...
         I don't like it.. I mean...
He looks at you like your..your something to eat"

-Mike Newton to Bella Swan

Sunday, February 12, 2012


All of us Twi-hards cannot wait for Breaking Dawn Part whatever glance we can get WE TAKE IT!!

Below you'll find some Breaking Dawn Part II SCREENCAPS!!




Target Twilight Valentine's Cards

I so wish I was in School still!! I would be giving these out as my Valentine's!! :)

Find them at your nearest Target store!!



Target Merchandise Twilight Set Up

In honor of Breaking Dawn Part I in Target stores, I snapped a couple of pictures below of their set up!

Located below are a lot of Twilight gear intertwined with the new HOT DVD out! :) including shirts, ear buds, books, phone cases, stickers, cd's among many other things!

So when you out and about grabbing your Breaking Dawn Part I DVD....get all your Twi-gear at your local Twilight store!!!



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Friday, February 10, 2012

My Breaking Dawn Part II CD artist wish list

Robert Pattinson
(Jackson Rathbone) 100 Monkeys
Carter Burwell

And I know this band is not a usual Stephenie Meyer/Twilight kind of band but they are my favorite and are absolutely AMAZING:

The song "Never gonna be alone" i think would be a different kind of song but its beautiful. It is actually me and my husband's wedding song :)

If you want to see the lyrics go to the link below:

Who are some artists you would like to see in the last movie installment (BDII)??



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"What's a wedding without some family drama"

-Edward to Bella in Breaking Dawn Part I

Twilight T.V. thoughts

I have to say if they did a Twilight T.V. Series and the actors were not the same, I definitely wouldn't watch it. Although I LOVE TWILIGHT..... I FEEL WITH DIFFERENT ACTORS WOULD RUIN THE TWILIGHT STORY....THERE IS NO ONE ELSE THAT CAN AMOUNT TO EVERY ACTOR/ACTRESS IN THE TWILIGHT SERIES..ESPECIALLY OUR EDWARD!

Why have the Twilight T.V. series when we have The Vampire Diaries. Am I correct?
Stefan is no Edward but he is pretty damn hot!! :) And I for one LOVE The Vampire Diaries!! :)

Twilight should be left alone unless Stephenie Meyer says should be happily ever after as it is..

What are your thoughts??



Twilight mentioned on Jane By Design

I recently been hooked to the new ABC family, Jane By Design. If you have not had a chance to watch it yet, tune in on Tuesday's at 9 pm. It is VERY GOOD!! :)

As I was watching this weeks episode Jane's brother says,

so Janie....what do you Bella & Edward make it?
As she is hiding out....she says...are you reading Twilight? YOUR SO WEIRD

And I laughed so hard to myself lol





So all my Robert Pattinson fans...what do you think about Rob's new do??

I haven't seen many pictures of him this year except for the People's Choice Awards!

My question:
Do you like the new shaved look on RPattz or do you wish his locks would come back??


I wonder what Kristen thinks about it??

your thoughts?




Below you will see Breaking Dawn Park II.
It is similar to the Breaking Dawn Part I but instead of the reddish colored font it is gold!

The last and final installment will hit stores this November 16th.  To get a sneak peak, join one of your local Target DVD release parties this Friday night!!