Sunday, May 29, 2011

Twilight Saga Soundtrack

so ive come across a couple songs so far i feel should be on the twilight soundtrack that u need to check out!

1. animals by neon trees


2. your surrender by neon trees

i feel like they really relate to twilight (they are currently my top two favorite songs)...listen to the words and let me know your thoughts :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Praise to Stephenie Meyer

i have to say thank to stephenie meyer...a huge thank u.  before twilight i only read books because i had in school but now that i have graduated and went on to work the only things i do read is the transcription i type for plastic surgeons :)

like i said i only read because i had to and now i read because i want to but very limited...after i read the twilight saga a couple times...ive tried to read different books..but none are like the saga me the want to read more..i always lose interest reading and i go back to twilight and start that husband asks me how i can read the same book over and over again..i say its easy..i get lost in it..

so thank u again stephenie meyer for writing the twilight saga,,i praise u and hope to meet u one day!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How ADDICTED to Twilight are YOU?

how addicted to twilight are you?

i am very addicted...lets look at some facts lol
i have read the saga over and over again and am starting yet again as we speak. i watch the movies over and over reciting the words as if i were to be speaking them myself..i use quotes from the movie and book in my everyday life hoping someone will catch on and join in on the fun lol i recently got married in sandals grande antigua and had my honeymoon there as well...i bought a necklace and earring set from inspired by was the charm edward put on bellas bracelet in eclipse it was gorgeous! i had claire de lune  as we did our sand ceremony..i am beyond addicted and i wont rest until i get a chance to meet robert pattison!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn :) 11/18/11

is everyone ready for the first part of breaking dawn to come out on 11/18/11? i am! what are ur predictions of when it cut off?
i believe that it will cut off right after bella gives birth

what are ur thoughts?

do u plan anything special for the day it comes out?

i do! my sister and i plan a big day. i get out of work early pick her up, get pizza and head to my house. we get the board games out, the movies and popcorn ready "powering up for the battle" so to speak lol..while in out twilight attire :) and then off we go to the midnight showing! 

what do u do?? :0)

Monday, May 23, 2011

*Meet & Greets*

meet and greets on the internet really get me so upset. i constantly look for ways to meet the twilight cast writing to shows like oprah, ellen, the buried life, even maurray tho all he does is who the father is tests it is worth a shot! :)

ok so off the topic...well i dont think any contests are legit. i dont hear anyone who wins and i just dont seem to be either. i figured this blog would get a lot out that i hold in and what better way to do that with people who feel the same way.

what also bothers me is ebay auctions like bid to hang out with the twilight crew. who really has 10k to bid on a meet and greet. boy i dont tho i wish i did. i just wish i was one of those lucky people who could meet them as i am sure u feel the same. one could only hope!


welcome bloggers to my blog. our first addicted are u? well ive been in love with twilight for many years now. no one quite understands why i am twenty five and am so obsessed. i watch the twilight saga all the time on tv, dvds or my ipod. i am constantly trying to find a way to meet the twilight cast as well as playing trivia games, jigsaw puzzles, etc. if your following this that means your addicted just as much as i am and i want to hear it.