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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart want kids!

According to, Rob and Kristen want to be younger parents and after shooting Breaking Dawn Part II, they talked more about it!! They don't even mind if it were to happen before their wedding planned for the FALL!!! Read the article below for more details!!!! :)
"Kristen Stewart, 22and Robert Pattinson, 26, are both method actors, so they completely threw themselves into the role of parents in Breaking Dawn Part 2. According to a new report, Kristen and Rob are ready to start their family together!
Breaking Dawn Part 2 changed them and made them realize it’s something they’re ready for sooner than they thought,” a source close to the couple told OK! Magazine. “They’ve known for a long time that they wanted kids, but always thought of it as something they would do down the line — but then they shot this movie and they started imagining being parents together.”
According to a source on the set of Breaking Dawn Part 2, Kristen and Rob couldn’t keep quiet about their plans to have a baby during rehearsals. “They would talk a lot about having a baby and all of their feelings about what sort of parents they’d like to be,” the source shared.
The couple is so eager to have kids together, they wouldn’t mind if Kristen got pregnant before their wedding planned for the fall! “They don’t have to wait for a ceremony to start planning a family — and that’s exactly what they plan to do,” a family friend told OK!
Kristen’s family is totally cool with the idea of Rob and Kristen starting a family so soon! “When Kristen told her family that she may not wait to get married before having Rob’s children, they were thrilled,” a family friend reveals. “They didn’t mind at all. Kristen’s mom and dad, John and Jules, are old hippies from way back and don’t believe their daughter needs to marry first before having babies. Rob is thrilled that Kristen’s parents approve.”
If Kristen did become pregnant before the wedding, their fall wedding would be moved up and downsized. “They’ve hinted at even eloping and doing a quickie wedding,” says a family pal. The pal also shared that Kristen and Rob feel like they’re already married anyway.
Adoption is also an option the couple definitely wants to explore. Kristen has two adopted brothers of her own and and would like to adopt after having a baby of her own with Rob. “[I]t’s something she’s always wanted to do,” a source reveals. “And Rob is all for it, he just loves the idea of having a family.”
Now that the couple has realized how much they want to be parents, they are going to let things happen naturally and see what happens. “They’re not exactly trying — but they’re also not doing anything to prevent it. They know they want to spend their lives together and they’re kind of like, ‘Well, if it happens, it happens.’”
Kristen thinks that Rob will make a great father, so of course she can’t wait to have a baby with him! “Rob’s really good with [kids],” Kristen gushed about her British beau. “Every time they started crying, I would be worried about the baby. I’d go, ‘Oh, God, where’s its mom?’ And he would literally go into the corner and rock it to sleep.”
Rob has even started writing lullabies for his future baby with Kristen! “Every time he gets his custom-made guitar out, Rob will start strumming lullabies and making up silly baby songs. It’s really sweet,” shared a friend."
O I am so waiting for their future to begin! Hurry up Rob and Kris!!! Im due in 8 weeks!!! We could have play dates lol :)

Robert Pattinson to play in movie, HATE MAIL

According to, Robert Pattinson is signed up to play in a movie with Scarlett Johansson called Hate Mail.  Read below for some details:
"The movie is similar to that of Love Actually and Valentine’s Day in the multiple characters and storylines throughout the film that (in a way) come together at the end. However, a romantic comedy this is not. The film focuses on how different characters react to hate mail and it definitely has its dramatic moments. Here is a brief breakdown of the main characters. Our best guess after reading the script is that Rob will play Josh and Scarlett will play his girlfriend Kate, but there’s also a chance he could be Joel.
Kate (late 20s) and Josh (late 20s):
Kate and Josh are two good-looking actors in a serious relationship. They are starring in a Broadway show together, and Josh is a little insecure about it because he’s known more for being a movie star than a theater actor. He also finds himself wrapped up in a tabloid scandal, shortly after Kate’s own scandal finishes making headlines.

Joel (early 30s) & Peggy (mid 20s):
 Joel is a handsome but awkward guy who has a crush on his co-worker Peggy and tries to work up the nerve to ask her out. He seems uncomfortable in social situations, but has a good heart.
Kevin (early 30s) & Patti (30s): Kevin is a war veteran who plays in a garage band. He is still haunted by his past. He currently works as a garbageman and is married to Patti. They have a son named Patrick, 13.
Jay (40s): Jay is a sports radio show host who acts angry and loud in public but is going through a difficult and lonely time in his life. He has a secret that is unveiled as the movie progresses.
Ben (14) and Sara (30s): Sara is a single mom raising Ben, a teenager who seems shy at school but works out his aggression online. He has some scary violent tendencies brewing under the surface.
Shivani (late 40s) and Peter (40s): Shivani is a successful surgeon who starts becoming unraveled by anonymous hate mail sent to her. Peter is her boyfriend, who has a peripheral part in the movie.
Who do you guys think Rob will play?"

Breaking Dawn Cast confirmed to attend the 2012 Comic Con

According to E on-line, The Breaking Dawn cast is confirmed to attend the 2012 Comic Con in San Diego! Read the article below for more information:

Twi-hards, pack your fangs and head to Southern California, stat—the cast of Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be the first to speak at Comic-Con 2012!
Summit announced via Twitter that the cast of the final Twilight installment is the opening panel in San Diego, Calif., on July 12 (only 16 days away!).
In case you forgot, this will mark the last Comic-Con run for the Twilight cast, as the final flick hits theaters Nov. 16.
So, what kind of surprises will this panel pack as a tribute to the last vampy flick?! And will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart be in tow?

It's rumored that R.Pattz and K.Stew will head to sunny San Diego for the panel, but in true tight-lipped Summit style, it hasn't been officially announced.
Last year, Rob, Kris and good ol' Taylor Lautner sent fans into a tizzy when they sat on the panel for Comic-Con 2011 and talked about the potential of a Breaking Dawn sequel. Several members of the Cullen clan also showed up to serve breakfast to loyal Twi-hards camping out for the festivities. Sounds pretty friggin' fab, right?
Well, this year you should prepare for even more excitement—we'd put money on Rob and Kris gracing us with their presence (and hopefully some PDA!)—and exclusive footage from Breaking Dawn Part 2 will also be shown to fans who make it inside.

We're already shedding a Twilight tear since this is the last time our precious trifecta will be on the Comic-Con panel together (unless Steph pens that sequel!) and we can hardly believe their vamptastic run on the big screen is almost coming to an end!
But we're getting ahead of ourselves: We still have one last Twi-flick to get amped over, so we'll save the tears for after we ogle Rob's sexiness and sparkly skin in November.  
We'll obviously be on hand when the Breaking Dawn crew hits San Diego, so sound off below with your questions for the cast!
And when the Twilight goodness all comes to an end—dare we suggest Fifty Shades of Grey so you can get your pseudo-Robsten sex-filled fix?!

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Wish I could attend :( will you be??



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The Official Twi-Tour Last East Coast Event 10/5/12-10/7/12


The TWILIGHT SAGA: THE OFFICIAL CONVENTION Tour is wrapping up in 2012 and we will be visiting The East Coast one final time on October 5-7, 2012 in New Jersey. This is a rescheduled date and we're looking forward to celebrating with our fellow fans one last time! Mark the date and make your plans now to be with us… we already have booked four sensational guests (with more to come):

Booboo Stewart
(Seth Clearwater)

Alex Meraz
(Paul of the Wolfpack)

Charlie Bewley
(Demetri of the Volturi)

Christian Camargo

Also planned are a huge Saturday Night party, auctions, trivia contests, exclusive video presentations, panel events, the costume competition, vendors, and some cool surprises!

Click on through to for up to date details!



Robert Pattinson sticking up for Twilight FANS!

When Rob spoke with BBC news, he said
"People put down Twilight fans, but yesterday I got given on the red carpet in Berlin all these books from people who are lined up in the rain and are probably judged by everyone to be crazy .... I got a signed first edition of the Martin Amis book, Money; a Lawrence Ferlinghetti book; the new [Michel] Houellebecq book. All these people come up and give what they've been reading and found interesting. This is not giving you teddy bears!" he exclaimed."

Robert Pattinson: If you get famous, you can buy into it, then you go nuts

Below is an interview with Robert Pattinson with Metro! Enjoy all his funniness! I know I do!

"Robert Pattinson talks about why he'll never get used to being famous, filming sex scenes for Cosmopolis and why eating McDonald’s is never a good idea

He’s Britain’s second-richest under-30 actor behind Daniel Radcliffe, worth a fortune of more than £30millio. He’s one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in The World. He’s the Sexiest Man In The World. But he’s made a huge mistake.
‘Sorry, I just had a McDonald’s!’ laughs Robert Pattinson. ‘My stomach’s going, “Raaargh!” I always think McDonald’s is a good idea. It’s never been a good idea.’ Now would be a great time to forget what you think you know about Pattinson. Forget the fame, the money, the daft awards, the vampire movies, the screaming tweens, the are-they-aren’t-they? thing with Kristen Stewart. 
Not only is film-maker David Cronenberg’s arty, sexy, talky new psychothriller Cosmopolis possibly the weirdest movie of the year, it gives us a new kind of Robert Pattinson. He plays a bored multi-billionaire travelling across
Manhattan in a white stretch limo to get a haircut. Only he gets a little more than that. En route, he’ll have been screwed by Oscar-winning French actress Juliet Binoche and a gun-toting prostitute, mobbed by protestors and hit in the face with a cream pie, stalked, shot and divorced. No hair-gelled bloodsuckers. No werewolves in cut-off jeans. 
‘This is one of the first movies that I’m in where I can watch it and not just want to kill myself,’ says the actor, who was stunned when Canadian meastro Cronenberg called him for the role. ‘I was really, really nervous until we
started doing it. And I didn’t know there were going to be sex scenes. It said, “They just had sex” in the script. And both days David was like, “I think they should be having sex during the scene.” Okay...! David said, “Don’t
worry. Let’s just start and see what happens.’What happened was the darkest, smartest performance of Pattinson’s career, which has trampolined in a series of truly bizarre ups and downs. 
His big-screen debut as Reese Witherspoon’s son in period drama Vanity Fair was left on the cutting-room floor. He scored a role in a biggest teen franchise in the world (Harry Potter). He got fired from a play in London and spent a year and a half as a couch-surfing out-of-work actor in Los Angeles. He scored a role in the biggest teen franchise in the world (Twilight). 
Five years ago, he was nobody. Now he’s so famous he may never go for a beer in public again. He turned 26 last month and he can feel it, the change, something lost, something gained. ‘I’m quite sensitive to people,’ he says. ‘You pick up on moods quicker, I think. I’m also really good at sensing if someone is around. It’s weird, it’s like a sixth sense. I always know if someone’s taking a picture as well.’ 
Those spidey-senses have been tingling off the hook. Inevitably, fame has been a drain for Pattinson. ‘You see people just taking a picture casually at a different table,’ he laughs, with a shrug. ‘I’ve got into the habit now of
going up to people with my phone with the flash on and just start taking pictures two inches away from their face.’ 
It’s not Rob they want, of course. It’s Edward Cullen. It’s ‘R-Pattz’. He was literally replaced when Madam Tussauds gave him a waxwork. A really, really terrible waxwork. ‘It looks like Hugh Jackman,’ he exclaims. ‘I think it IS Hugh Jackman – they’ve just smushed it in a bit.’ Or maybe it’s the inner Pattinson, the one who feels melted by the Twi-light. ‘If you get famous, you can really buy into it, then you go nuts. But I never really felt comfortable going, “Yes, I’m famous!” I don’t know why.’ 
His bold, charismatic remoulding in Cosmopolis, then, couldn’t have come at a better time. On November 16, the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part II, will be released – and so will Pattinson, he hopes, from the hysteria of
Stephenie Meyer’s teen saga. 
Can he give us a reason to watch it? ‘It’s really funny, the last one,’ he chuckles. ‘I mean, funny and completely insane. There’s Jacob is falling in love with my daughter, who grows into an 11-year-old in three months! There were so many scenes where it felt so bizarre.’ 
Five years, four movies, a bit of hair gel and a lot of crying and screaming later, Pattinson is ready to bust out the Twilight zone. Next up he has a crime thriller by hotshot director of Oz gangster drama Animal Kingdom (‘Guy
Pearce kidnaps me and I’ve been shot. It’s like, crazily violent’) and psychological drama Mission: Black List, playing the US military interrogator who found Saddam Hussein (‘Some of the stuff in it is just unbelievably insane’). 
There’s just one last problem he needs to fix: how to get people to stop calling him R-Pattz... ‘Yeah, I don’t know how to get rid of that,’ he sighs. ‘It is the most annoying thing. I don’t know who invented it. This thing with
nicknames, everybody loves nicknames, it’s so irritating. But it’s too catchy...’ 
Cosmopolis is out today."

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GQ Q&A with Robert Pattinson

Below is the GQ article (Q&A) on Robert Pattinson.  Read all about the IN's OUT's and IN BETWEEN's of ROB! ENJOY!!

"Within moments of meeting Robert Pattinson, learns a valuable lesson: you simply can't compete with Twilight fans. Having previously expressed his admiration for Martin Amis in an interview, it was decided we should present everyone's favourite server-crashing undead heartthrob with a copy of the new Amis novelLionel Asbo. Sadly one literary-minded Edward Cullen devotee has trumped our gift. "I got given a first-edition signed copy of Money by a Twilight fan in Lisbon yesterday," reveals Pattinson. "She was trying to tell me that she found it in Massachusetts while we were surrounded by all these people screaming." Pattinson stars in David Cronenberg's striking and strange new film Cosmopolis, out this week, which sees him as an otherworldly billionaire sating his carnal, financial and intellectual desires riding through town in the back of a limousine in search of a haircut. After some preliminaries (when presented with the latest edition of GQ  he cries out"Andrew's wearing my suit!"), he talks about his hip-hop moment of glory, the worst haircut he's ever had and what he's learned from working with Frida Giannini at Gucci… 

Your character has two lifts in his huge apartment, one of which is soundtracked by hip-hop. Which rapper would you have in your lift?Robert Pattinson: Definitely Ol' Dirty Bastard. The biopic looks amazing! That guy Michael K Williams as well - I was obsessed with The Wire for ages. The guy who is directing - JoaquĆ­n Baca-Asay, who is James Gray's director of photography - is amazing. All his movies look incredible.
How did you feel when Tinie Tempah shouted you out on Chase & Status' "Hitz"?What? [delighted, bewildered] I haven't heard it. I keep hearing everyone talking about him but for some reason I never really got into British rap. I don't know why.
The line is "Like Rob Pattinson I make a lot of n****s jealous"Wow. That's really cool, actually. That's amazing. I didn't realise I had that relevance [laughs]. I wonder what made him single me out?
We asked our Twitter followers to pose questions for you. One account "Robeardhottinson" asked 48 alone...Not your typical GQ reader, I'd guess…
But she did ask about your worst haircut…I did this movie about Salvador Dali a few years ago and had hair extensions and a little bob. That was incredibly bizarre. The extensions were temporary as well. I was trying to swim to somehow get in shape two days before we started shooting in this apartment complex in Barcelona. There were all these children everywhere… and I was this weird, pasty, hungover person with a girl's black bob, swimming in the pool with huge clumps of hair falling out. I had my whole body totally waxed as well because Dali didn't haven't any body hair. It was the most terrifying thing - this is terrible, but I saw the potential cannibal guy [Luka Magnotta] inthe Sun today and I looked a bit like him.
Are sex scenes getting easier?It's always a big thing. Juliette Binoche is one of my favourite actresses and within five minutes of meeting her on this we were pretending to have sex. Which wasn't in the script. With both sex scenes we were supposed to have finished sex before we did the scene. Both times David was just like, "Yeah, just have sex." That was a little awkward. I thought that Patricia McKenzie, who I did the other sex scene with, despised me up until that day on the set. We hadn't said a single word to each other apart from when I asked, "Where are you from?" and she literally looked me up and down. I was like, "I'm not trying to do anything - I don't have any idea!" Then on day of the sex scene she was like, "Hey how's it going?" I don't know what kind of preparation that was for this scene… but it definitely did something.
What TV do you never miss?In America there is a channel called TruTV which is just reruns of Cops  and World's Dumbest Criminals. I could watch that the entire day. Someone told me - I don't know if it's true - that David Simon watched tonnes of Cops  to get the dialogue for The Wire. I was like, "I knew it…"
Frida taught me one thing - you should definitely have good contacts at Gucci.
What has working with Frida and her team at Guccitaught you about tailoring?
That's funny, I've never had her singled out before - it's like it's a secret! She taught me one thing - you should definitely have good contacts at Gucci. They're absolutely amazing. The amount of times I've been stuck in some random city and have called her up and had things brought in at absolutely the last minute - it's crazy. But also all this stuff is custom-made. You can do quite crazy things [with colour] if you have incredibly classic, really well-made suits. I guess I've been quite boring for a while. I used to be more interesting with them. Now I always just request things two days before: "Can you send 25 suits?" I don't even know what I want to wear!
What's the strangest gift you've got from a fan?It's funny: there are certain things that get picked up on really quickly. I quit smoking the other day and didn't even really realise that I'd said anything about it. I've been chewing these f***ing toothpicks all the time. Someone noticed in Cannes and literally the next day in Lisbon, then in Paris and in Berlin there were about 20 people on the red carpet giving me huge amounts of toothpicks. Thousands of them. I don't even remember saying it in an interview but I must have said it somewhere. That was kind of strange.

You are one of four individuals who consistently dominate internet discussion. Out of your rivals -Nicki MinajJustin Bieber and Lady Gaga - who are you most fond of?I really like Nicki Minaj. I think she's great. My favourite song? She's amazing in "Monster" withKanye West. It's annoying that I'm part of this internet thing though - they all have Twitters and an online presence. How did I get part of this group? I didn't do anything. I'm trying to avoid it! 
Cosmopolis is out 15 June."



Meet Renesmee! Mackenzie Foy of 'Breaking Dawn -- Part 2'

According to EW, 
"The character of Renesmee, the half-human, half-vampire baby maturing at an unnatural rate, lies at the heart of the drama in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.
And picking the right actress was essential. “It’s a hugely important part, says director Bill Condon, who spotted Mackenzie Foy, now 11, early on in the audition process. “But this was kind of obvious. It was one of those rare times when you see something — like with an apartment or house — and it feels good and you just need to take it. I felt that way, like, ‘Oh, this is good.’”
Foy grew up outside of Los Angeles and has been working steadily — she booked her first gig, modeling for Ralph Lauren at the age of 3 — modeling, appearing in commercials, and acting on TV shows such as ‘Til Death, Hawaii Five-O, and Flashforward. She picked up some new skills while shooting Breaking Dawn, thanks to her famous costars. Taylor Lautner taught her how to throw a football and Kristen Stewart gave her tips on summoning tears onscreen. (“She said to think of something sad for a very long time.”)
The actress, who is homeschooled, just completed fifth grade. She says hopes to continue being an actress — and eventually a director — for the rest of her life. But in the near future?  ”I’m going to swim and eat popsicles.”
For more on Breaking Dawn—Part 2, and to see exclusive photos from the film, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale now."
I can't wait to see Renesmee in BD part II.  I met Mackenzie Foy last year at the Breaking Dawn Part I red carpet and she is such a little darling! so cute! It'll be interesting to see her on the big screen!