Saturday, July 21, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part I & II SEX scene talk via KStew!

According to a article, "With Bella Swan in full vampire mode in Breaking Dawn Pt. 2Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson wanted to “be animals” as they filmed their pivotal sex scene. But, as Kristen has recently revealed, the couple’s idea was tamed down by Twilight execs.
In their final Comic-Con panel on Thursday, July 12, Kristen, 22, admitted that she and Rob, 26, had to restrain themselves out of concerns over their younger audience members.
She said, “”The ratings, man! [It's] a tricky thing…we’re supposed to have mind-boggling, otherworldly…sex. In the first one, Breaking Dawn 1, we really…this is weird…tried to keep the first one sweet. It’s about self discovery. Nothing about this series is raunchy. And I know that…But in the second one, we just wanted to be animals.”
She continued, “We’re not human anymore. How do you do that? We tried, and they told us it was rated R…”
Now my opinion lol I am no teen, I am 27-years-old and when I had read the Saga, I always wondered how it would be visually.  I know you have to take into consideration the younger crowd but come on guys, it's a sex scene, I agree with Kristen.  I think that yes although the first sex scene was so sweet, I really wanted see them down and dirty for the next one.  They are both vampires now, everything is more intense.  I really wish seeing how it is the last installment they would give us that! 
Do you agree??

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