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Saturday, July 21, 2012

a note to Breaking Dawn PART II movie directors, Summit, etc.


But I wanna plead to the Directors, Summit, etc of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II as the last installment please let's not try to have as many leaks as we did for Breaking Dawn Part I.  I am just as excited as the next Twi-Hard but it seemed like so much was leaked from Part I when I watched it, it didn't leave much for me to seemed like I had seen a big majority of the movie.  I just hope that this last one is a complete surprise.  I know we all want more, but were only a few months shy of Part II coming out.

Twi-Hards don't you all agree??



P.S. As a side note, Summit, Directors..... I am a huge fan! If you have any keepsakes from the Saga that you will just toss, etc. please contact me.  And if in any way you can hook me up with meeting Robert Pattinson, that would make my dream come true! I was so close last year wining the Volvo contest and attending the Breaking Dawn Part I premiere in LA and that dream vanished before my you know how many times I think about that day and what I could have done differently?? I am determined to meet day...I hope it will happen!

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