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Monday, May 28, 2012

‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1’ Movie Mistakes

Nearly all movies have mistakes, of course, and you might recall that New Moon reportedly had a 29 mistakes, making it one of the most mistake-riddled films of the year in 2009. Eclipse had more than its fair share of goofs but lets take a look at The Breaking Dawn Part I goof-ups! 
*When Bella calls Rosalie after discovering she is pregnant and seeing Edward’s reaction the screen on the phone is visible and shows that it is locked and she didn’t dial/call anyone.
*Edward and Bella left their wedding reception at night in Forks. They arrive in Rio wearing the same clothes, at night. Forks’ time zone is 6 hours behind Rio. Even assuming they left as soon as it got dark and flew in the private jet, they would have arrived in Rio when it was daytime.
*While Edward and Bella are in Brazil on their honeymoon, a few sequences show them out in the sun but Edward is not “sparkling.”
*As Edward lifts Bella into his arms on their honeymoon he wobbles under her weight despite being a super strong vampire with the ability to juggle vans and stop oncomingcars with his hand.
* When Edward and Bella are in the taxi in Brazil, he has his wedding ring on. Moments later when they are kissing in the street Bella is still wearing her ring, but Edward’s is gone.
*After Bella gives birth Edward begins biting her to change her into a vampire. He first bites her neck and then her arms. Towards the end of that particular scene, a following close up reveals no bite marks on her neck.
*Two smears of blood disappear and reappear on Edward’s right cheek as he is trying to transform Bella.
*During Bella’s transformation into a vampire her hair changes position several times.
*On their honeymoon Edward and Bella jump off a cliff to and land in the water below. When Bella jumps on to his back she is wearing shoes, but after the camera angle change to show Edward jumping she is suddenly barefoot.
Did you see any others?
After reading this, I need to watch it again and pay close attention....won't you? lol

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