Saturday, May 19, 2012

KStew opens up in Elle interview about RPattz

Remember when Kristen Stewart said “my boyfriend is English” in that GQ interview? 

In her new interview in the June 2012 issue of ELLE magazine she blows that other Robert Pattinson mention out of the water! While perusing the shelves at a bookstore during her interview, Kristen comes across a copy of Bel Ami and says,

 “Oh my God, my f***ing boyfriend just did this movie!”

Here's that little evidence we really have been waiting to hear....hopefully while they are out in public they can be a little more comfortable with their relationship!

I kind of think....Kristen is the reason behind hiding their relationship while Rob would be okay with it.  But then again, I can't remember when Rob has actually said Kristen was his girlfriend.  Hmmm....we should look out for that one! :)

What do you think??



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