Monday, May 28, 2012

Robert Pattinson is "ready for everything" with Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson is such a great boyfriend to Kristen Stewart, and he’s now admitting that he can’t wait to move in with her!
Rob, 26, spoke with Vanity Fair Italy about his future with K-Stew, 22. When asked about moving in with her someday, Rob was coy — but he totally gave a confirmation!
“I’m ready for everything,” he said.
Rob is AWESOME but I think this also goes far into just moving in with her from my perceptive.  Seeing them as close and intimate now than ever...I think he's ready for engagement....the question Kristen?
He may be old fashion tho in Edward sort of ways wanting to move in with her before making that commitment.  I know for me, I am.  Before I got married to my husband, before moving in, I wanted to be engaged.  Then before we had a baby, I wanted to be married.  So everything fell into play for me.  Maybe this is how Rob is? or Kristen? or maybe both?  Whatever it may be, they are BEAUTIFUL together! Don't you think?

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