Monday, May 28, 2012

Experts on RPattz and KStew's Love life!

According to the article Rob & Kristen are totally in love and here's what the experts have to say:

"Oh la la! If you swooned over the pic of R-Patz and K-Stew kissing on the balcony in Cannes, then you’re going to die over what the body language experts had to say about it! Read on for ALL the hot details.

Any person can tell after watching this video that these two are totally in love.
But body language expert Lillian Glass says this definitely reveals what’s going on behind bedroom doors.
“The bottom line is that this is a very hot couple with a lot of sexuality and great communication between them,” Lillian tells “They are playful together and in sync with their playfulness which is a great sign as he jumps from side to side in front of her. She smiles at this then he leans over to give her a very romantic kiss to which she is very receptive to. She grabs his neck and he nuzzles into her as she says something in his ear.”
So cute! And another expert reveals that Rob is definitely the one who is more invested in the relationship.
“If you watch the tape several times you can see the dance of the relationship is him cornering her and moving closer and her moving back. He odd shaking side to side is in part his frustration that she is not moving towards her. Again he is playful but she is not fully playing back in kind,” body language expert Patti Wood tells us.
And another expert agrees.
“Her gestures appear restricted,” Linda Talley tells"
So glad they are coming out of their PDA restricted shell.  They are so great together I can see a great life for the future for them! 

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