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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rob seen pulling up to KStew's house

I was just saying how much I miss Rob & Kris together and today I see this posted on my Facebook news feed! ;)

Rob pulled up to Kris' house but she was there! Let's hope they ate trying to work things out!

Watching the Saga again this past weekend made me miss them even more. I really can't picture then with anyone other then Robsten.

Cmon Rob & KStew, let's work it out!

We miss you guys!



See me at the article below of Rob pulling up to Kris' house.


  1. I so want these two together again.They are meant to be.

    Twihard Gramm

  2. I was reading about Rob being at Kristens house.You know! I think he needs to leave her alone.Even if its only to leave the dogs off.Let someone else do it,havn't you(Rob) now done enough.You screwed her for a year after her mistakes,and then you dump her.Let her get on with her life.OR if you truly love HER take HER in your arms,kiss her and then stop hurting each other.AND AS THEY SAY (MAKE AN HONEST WOMEN OF HER).YOU TWO WILL HAVE BEAUTHFUL BABIES.