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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


What an amazing day to remember such a beautiful event in our favorite Twilight Saga! Today the anniversary of Edward & Bella will forever be an amazing day in our lives!

Happy Anniversary Edward & Bella!

We love you!!



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  1. Hello friends, Its Sept.21,2013 and I heard that Rob is thinking of selling his house he and Kris lived in. You know I love that boy,but go ahead and sell.I think Kris needs to move on too.She IS better off without him and him too.
    Kris baby girl move on honey,there is someone better for you
    All I see is when Rob isn't working,he's spending alot of money on parties.I'll bet that if he stopped the parties,he'd have lease friends.His so called friends are these for the booze and girls. THINK about that ROB!!!!!

    Twihard Gram