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Sunday, September 1, 2013

In need of HELP with VOTES from my TWI-FAMILY! :)

My little nudger and future Twilight LOVER, Chloe is in Ismile's 2013 Beautiful Baby Contest.

If you could help me I would be most appreciative!

It is quick and easy.

Go to the link below.  (it should bring you to the page where her pic is):!i=2724868223&k=PTGCJVx

Click on the pic that looks like the one posted below so that you see it on your right hand side as a bigger image.

Move your mouse to the top right of pic and you'll see a green thumb, hit the green thumbs up button and you are done.  No registration anything required!

(note: if you facebook "like" the pic, that does not count as a vote) You need to hit the green thumbs up button to count as a vote!

Please share this with family and friends to help my beautiful daughter win this contest.

The contest is up and running now and ends on September 15th 2013.  One vote PER computer!

Thank you in advance. :)

For more detailed instructions and my story go to:

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