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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rob Pattinson & KStew upcoming movies

Whats new for Rob & Kris?

Rob will be on board for a movie called Map To The Stars with John Cusack & Julianne Moore.

Kris will be doing a sequel to Snow White & The Huntsman!

see more information and pix here:

This couple has been doing great together hope things continue I'm really hoping for a Rob & Kris wedding and babies ;)

Aren't you??




  1. Heard about Kristen and Rob.And I'm thinking this time it was him.I love Rob dearly but I think He's wrong walking away.
    So, Kristen dear walk away,and hold your head up high.I think you did everything you could.Move on dear and let it be his lost,because it will be HIS LOSS. SHAME on you Robif you cause this.

    Twihard Grandma

  2. Looks like Kris is doing just fine without Rob.oh well,his lose.Keep up good work Kris and hold your head up high ;baby your the greatest