Monday, June 25, 2012

‘Twilight’ Saga Finale Already Breaks Record

According to Deadline Hollywood, 
"Summit Entertainment’s 24-hour-old debut of the new teaser trailer for the last of this (AMAZING) anticipated Twilight Saga films, Breaking Dawn Part 2 which releases November 16th, is already breaking records. It debuted exclusively on Yahoo and received 7 million views within the first day, the most ever for a trailer viewed on Yahoo. The previous record-holder on Yahoo was the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 1."
I did edit this article a bit, as the person who wrote this obviously isn't a Twi-Hard! Just a heads up people who read your article, are Twi-Hards such as myself and are offended about your choice of words that were not necessary! Twilight is one of the most AMAZING books and movies out there for all ages, maybe if you picked up the book or watched he movie giving it a chance, you would like it believe me! If you continue to write on Twilight, please keep your insulting comments to yourself! Thanks a bunch! :)
Sorry Twi-Hards had to vent about that....must be the extra hormones in my body which makes me say whatever it is on my mind and not care! :)

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