Wednesday, June 6, 2012

KStew's explanation on her relationship with RPattz

According to,
"Kristen Stewart likes to keep her relationship with Robert Pattinson under wraps, but now she’s opening up about WHY she maintains such a low-key private life!
K-Stew, 22, told Ireland’s Irish Independent that she would hate to be known as just one half of a Hollywood power couple, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
“I don’t want that,” she said. “As soon as you embrace that, you think you are worth it — that it’s everyone’s business to know what you are doing on your Sunday afternoon. I think that’s so embarrassing. It’s not something I find interesting in other people. I don’t want to be that.”
She also said that keeping private was an organic decision — not something she planned out when she first started dating Rob, 26.
“At that point, it was definitely not an intentional thing,” she said. “I was just reacting.”
I'm so glad KStew opened to why she likes to keep her relationship under wraps.  It's a reasonable understanding.  Wouldn't you feel the same way if you were in their situation???


  1. i am in the same situation with my girlfriend because many of my friends ask if we are together

  2. i have the same situation with my boyfriend many of my friends ask me if we are together and if i had sex with him or someone ugh i hate them they are so iretterende and i dont know what i should do from izabella 16 year old