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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Producer Wyck Godfrey talks to MTV about Breaking Dawn Part II

"When you finally start to see who Carlisle’s friends are around the world, you’re like 'Who's next? Who's next?'" he explained. While Godfrey is happy with all of the casting decisions made for the new roles, he gave extra props to Lee Pace. "Lee Pace makes an extraordinary Garrett," Godfrey said.

As for the rest, "The last movie is all about closure and the characters finally coming into themselves... Edward becoming in a sense the patriarch of the family... Bella becoming a mother and a vampire finally."
"For those that have followed these movies from the beginning to end," he continued, "there’s a great final moment where you do get to kind of relive the entire experience, and I think that’ll be something fans can look forward to."

see more(and video)below:

As November draws nearer, the last installment approaches :( it makes me sad because Twilight is a big part of my life as I am sure it is for the rest of you!  All good things must come to an end I guess but Twilight in our hearts will live FOREVER!

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