Thursday, June 28, 2012

Robert Pattinson to play in movie, HATE MAIL

According to, Robert Pattinson is signed up to play in a movie with Scarlett Johansson called Hate Mail.  Read below for some details:
"The movie is similar to that of Love Actually and Valentine’s Day in the multiple characters and storylines throughout the film that (in a way) come together at the end. However, a romantic comedy this is not. The film focuses on how different characters react to hate mail and it definitely has its dramatic moments. Here is a brief breakdown of the main characters. Our best guess after reading the script is that Rob will play Josh and Scarlett will play his girlfriend Kate, but there’s also a chance he could be Joel.
Kate (late 20s) and Josh (late 20s):
Kate and Josh are two good-looking actors in a serious relationship. They are starring in a Broadway show together, and Josh is a little insecure about it because he’s known more for being a movie star than a theater actor. He also finds himself wrapped up in a tabloid scandal, shortly after Kate’s own scandal finishes making headlines.

Joel (early 30s) & Peggy (mid 20s):
 Joel is a handsome but awkward guy who has a crush on his co-worker Peggy and tries to work up the nerve to ask her out. He seems uncomfortable in social situations, but has a good heart.
Kevin (early 30s) & Patti (30s): Kevin is a war veteran who plays in a garage band. He is still haunted by his past. He currently works as a garbageman and is married to Patti. They have a son named Patrick, 13.
Jay (40s): Jay is a sports radio show host who acts angry and loud in public but is going through a difficult and lonely time in his life. He has a secret that is unveiled as the movie progresses.
Ben (14) and Sara (30s): Sara is a single mom raising Ben, a teenager who seems shy at school but works out his aggression online. He has some scary violent tendencies brewing under the surface.
Shivani (late 40s) and Peter (40s): Shivani is a successful surgeon who starts becoming unraveled by anonymous hate mail sent to her. Peter is her boyfriend, who has a peripheral part in the movie.
Who do you guys think Rob will play?"

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