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Friday, June 17, 2011

Twilight changing one life @ a time 8)

Im not sure how many times you've seen the Twilight movies or read the books but I know I can't count how many times I have.. lol

I often say I can recite the lines from the books and movies better than the actors themselves and I think it is too funny lol..I can listen to the movie on my ipod while closing my eyes and I know exactly what is happening as I would watching it.  I know everything that is being said word for word before they say it lol I keep on thinking that I hate for twilight to come to end but i'll always re-read and re-watch twilight ;)

I use lines from the movie in my daily life lol if u see on some od my posts in my blog I do a little quote...n even though when I say things to people quoting Twilight because it fits at certain times, i'll laugh because I get it but they have no idea..unless of course they too are a Twilight fan! lol :)

I am so thankful that Stephenie Meyer wrote was always a place I could turn to whether reading the books or watching the movies that made my life complete..whether I was really depressed in life many many years ago or unbelievably :)

Twilight has really changed my life in so many ways and I am sure it has for you.   For one thing it has brought me and my little sister who is 18-years-old closer.   We never really had much in common as I am think we would...but those many years ago, we both had something to talk about which was Twilight.  Without Twilight...we wouldnt have that sister bond that we have and which I now cherish.  No one will quite understand how much Twilight means to me and why I need to make my dream become a reality...

Has Twilight changed your life??

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