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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rob & Kristen & Tabloids ...

One thing that really gets under my skin is tabloids....a lot of magazines are in it for any kind of gossip they can get their hands on but how are they to know what's true and what's false? Most of the things they write about aren't even true.

One reason I want to meet Rob is because of that reason I know he's not how he is portrayed in many things are said about just the other day I read how Kristen n Rob broke up because of him cheating. I so can't believe this rumor..yes im sure Rob likes to go out drinking win his buddies as most of us have done..yes woman r throwing themselves at him but..the way he looks at Kristen...I don't think he would ever do something to hurt her...

I know we all see Bella and Edward together..seeing them in Twilight..the chemistry they have...we automatically think that the real people should be together..I think they should but when I had watched tv interviews etc in the past, Kristen barely looks at Rob..she is always talking or touching Taylor...not sure if this is on purpose so no one goes looking into Rob n Kristen's privacy (which is actually a pretty good idea)but...just recently on the MTV awards, Kristen was...I don't know what the word was but looked so in love with Rob..which was nice to see..

Its so funny on a side one time I told my hubby..y can't u look at me like i'm something to eat like Edward does to Bells.. (mind u he has never seen the movies or read the books) he said ummm...bcuz that would b wrong not mentions illegal lol

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