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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My B-day (7/9) Twilight Twitter Challenge :O)

Hey as I was working this morning, I came up with something really cool.  My 26th birthday is July 9th and I came up with a pretty cool challenge I want to do...I hope that it will run smoothly but no disappointments if not :*(

I am going to Tweet all the Twilight cast members that are on Twitter as well as the directors to see if they will send me a Happy Birthday shout out from hopefully today until my actual birthday..July 9th :)

So let's keep our fingers crossed and see if any of them will :) be sure to watch my Twitter updates to the left of this post halfway down the page!!


  1. From the past couple days that I tweeted some of the twilight cast...I haven't gotten a shout out yet from anyone ;(
    Crossing my fingers & toes

  2. Well its 10:30..and i just saw a tweet from @chrisweitz so excited i got at least a tweet from one of The twilight directors! Yay :0)