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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coming soon..Volvo Contest -Twilight :)

Just a heads up but every year Volvo Cars does a contest with each Twilight movie that comes out very exciting and tho it has not come out should be soon. I just want to mention it to all of my bloggers to get u ready ;) and tell u in case u didn't know about it. Last year the contest came out in June and I remember July, on my birthday I got the semi-finalist email it was a great birthday present! Although I didn't was still nice ;)

Last year u would enter to win premier tickets. Next would be a game, u would have to find the quickest route to the Cullen's house from forks...I had to do it many times but I got it ;) the end ur competeting for the Volvo just like the one you see Edward drive! 

Make sure u like volvocars cars us on facebook.  I have actually posted something on their wall in regards to when it might be coming out and they said "very soon and we're really excited about it"

I'll keep u updated as to when it starts! I can't wait! ;)

Good luck to anyone who participates!!!

1 comment:

  1. So I just checked the volvocars us Fb page and it says to check back mid October! They're very excited about this big contest! I cannot wait!! ;) ill keep u updated of info I find out about it!