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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Twilight T.V. thoughts

I have to say if they did a Twilight T.V. Series and the actors were not the same, I definitely wouldn't watch it. Although I LOVE TWILIGHT..... I FEEL WITH DIFFERENT ACTORS WOULD RUIN THE TWILIGHT STORY....THERE IS NO ONE ELSE THAT CAN AMOUNT TO EVERY ACTOR/ACTRESS IN THE TWILIGHT SERIES..ESPECIALLY OUR EDWARD!

Why have the Twilight T.V. series when we have The Vampire Diaries. Am I correct?
Stefan is no Edward but he is pretty damn hot!! :) And I for one LOVE The Vampire Diaries!! :)

Twilight should be left alone unless Stephenie Meyer says should be happily ever after as it is..

What are your thoughts??



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