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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stephenie Meyer 'deeply annoyed' at studio's suggestion of sixth 'Twilight'? Continue readinStephenie Meyer 'deeply annoyed' at studio's suggestion of sixth 'Twilight'?

According to,  "New information, though, suggests that Stephenie Meyer herself is "deeply annoyed" with these conversations.
tweet from Variety reporter Josh Dickey stated, "Stephenie Meyer was deeply annoyed that LG brass said they'd do more TWILIGHT pics. She has no such intention."
In response to that, Stephenie clarified something up on her own site below:

"February 22, 2012

Hey all,
Just wanted to clear up a little rumor making the rounds. I have absolutely no issues with anyone at Lionsgate. Far from being a negative thing, it's actually a very nice feeling to know that both Lionsgate and Summit would like to make another Twilight movie if I were ever to write another Twilight book. So, thanks for the support, Lionsgate and Summit. I look forward to working for the first time with new friends at Lionsgate and working again with my old friends at Summit!

It's nice to think that if Steph was going to continue Twilight Lion's Gate and Summit would be all for it, but it looks like Steph doesn't have any intentions.  

I would love to see it continued but, I feel Twilight should live HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER! Don't you?



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