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Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Do I Want to MEET Robert Pattinson??? 8)

One of the reasons that I want to meet Robert Pattinson is to make my ultimate dream come true! There is nothing I want more...than to speak.  Like I have said I always dream about what it would be like meeting him and I just don't want my dreams to be the closest I get to him..I AM VERY DETERMINED! 8)
And the people that do meet Rob...don't appreciate it as much as I would...they take it for granted which isn't right. 

Another reason I want to meet RPattz is to prove everyone WRONG.  I see so many articles saying he isn't who everyone thinks he is. Some say that his fame will take him to another act like an ass so to speak. I really don't want to believe this and hope everyone is wrong about him.

When and if i do meet Rob i'd want to tell the world what he is really like (especially explaining every detail to my bloggers :)..and i'll prove everyone wrong. Rob is 25, of course he is going to want to do things any normal 25 yr old would want to do...I mean really what's being famous if u can't live Ur life and do the things u want to do. If i was ever put in that situation i'd feel the same way...

So if Ellen Degeneres who i have been writing to a lot (or any other talk show or magazine) is reading this..please help me make the only dream I have come true in meeting Robert Pattinson!

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