Monday, October 1, 2012

KStew speaks about her relationship with Rob Pattinson

According to, "Kristen spoke to writer Stella Newhart in 2010 about her relationship with Rob.....

“It really only gets easier because you’re more willing to say anything and it’s also impossible to lie to people that you know so well. And in a scene if you were caught in an untruthful moment it’s impossible because it’s like, ‘That wasn’t real; we need to do that again. I know he can do that better. Trust me.’ So that really makes everything a whole lot easier.”

 Kristen also spoke about the aspect of Bella’s personality that drew her to the role. “One of her main attributes is that she’s awkward a lot and at the same time, she isn’t ashamed of it. And that’s a good balance to strike because as long as you’re not ashamed of yourself, you really shouldn’t be embarrassed. I think most girls probably want to be like that. I completely relate to the fact that she is totally awkward but that she owns it, and that she’s not going to say anything that she doesn’t mean.”

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At least she realizes that she was in the wrong for doing what she did.  I personally think that she should have told Rob before she was caught instead of waiting until she got caught.  But that is over and done with and now Robsten can be together again.  It will take a lot of time to get over this and for their relationship to be back where it used to be but I think that they will be better than ever!!



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