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Friday, July 15, 2011

World Poetry Movement-Twilight Contest disappointment

So I entered a poetry contest that now seem's to be fake.  I entered a couple months ago.  It said win a day with Robert Pattinson.  So of course I took my time in coming up with an awesome poem that I myself thought was AMAZING! A couple months later, they had sent me a letter saying I was a semi-finalist and that I would hear something back at the end of June.  It is now July and I still have not heard anything.  When they sent the letter they said my poem was published in their book and was featured in Kindle and on Amazon.  I think they just wanted us the so called "winners" to enter so that they could put our poem into this book...obviously for free.  So not hopes were so let down :*( I defintely am trying everything in my heart to meet Robert Pattinson and every time I think I am closer to my is let down.  These people really should think before they advertise something so great.  I wish I could have copied that when I entered but I didn't think I needed to...

So my question is how can you really trust the Twilight contests that are out there ? :*(

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  1. Sorry to hear of that false advertisement but look at the bright side, Your poem was publish in this so called book. That should count for something.