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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twilight stars Holiday Traditions!

Wouldn't you like to see what Twilight stars are up to during the holidays??? When talking to Ivillage, Taylor, Rob, Nikki and Michael dished about their holidays below!!!
Taylor Lautner: "I'm a big family person. So ... I always look forward to holiday season because that's when I get to see family again. Me and my immediate family moved out to California, but a lot of my family's back in Michigan, and I always look forward to seeing them."
Robert Pattinson: "Having a big argument with everybody in my family. And falling asleep at three o'clock in the afternoon and not even opening any presents. It's a disaster by three every year."
Nikki Reed: "Paul [McDonald] my husband ... Christmas, that whole routine and ritual, is really important to his family. And so I've been just adopted and pulled into that, so it's really nice."
Michael Sheen: "My favorite thing is taking my daughter back to Wales. Because my mother and father, my mother mainly, kind of goes completely over the top with Christmas decorations. She collects Father Christmases everywhere, and everyone tries to outdo each other with Christmas lights on the front of the house. We have eight snowmen lit up on the roof of the house."



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