Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Dancer if The Twilight Saga cast

According to Paul Beckett while speaking to Hollyscoop, Beckett proclaimed that it's Jackson Rathbone - he of many talents, apparently - who cut a rug most effectively on set. "I have to say that Jackson Rathbone is the best dancer of all the vampires. He should be the star of Twilightthe musical," he said.  It's too funny that recently on Twilight week on Ellen Degeneres, Rathbone suggested that very thing!!!

In regards to Rob & Kristen, Beckett said:
"At first it was actually Rob that was stepping on Kristen’s toes and not the other way around ... In the movie she’s supposed to be a bad dancer, but Kristen took charge and let Rob know who is boss…they were supportive partners and quick learners.





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