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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Twilight Saga: Alternate ENDING???

According to Confessions of Twicrack addicts, there was the fact that Breaking Dawn Part 2 will have an alternate ending.... read on for more information, 
"Although not wanting to give away any more, the stars were initially taken aback by the fact that the movie will finish differently to the novels.
According to Hollywood Life, the film will include a sequence "dreamed up by [author] Stephenie Meyer and longtime screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg one night over dinner".
Twilight star Robert Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly: “When I first read the script, I got to that part and was like, ‘What?  And then I had to go back a page. It does it a serious justice.”
Kristen Stewart agreed: “It’s clearly made by someone who really likes [the saga], who really cares,”
She said: “That’s why [director] Bill Condon is perfect. Thank God for him.”

Actor Amadou Ly, who plays Henri - yep, a non-canon vampire they added for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (because, obviously, there weren't already enough vampires to keep track of - seriously?!), just tweeted: "It will still be the same ending but just few exciting surprises..."

This is the first I have EVER heard about this and I am upset.  I love how the books corresponded with the movies. It was great! This is why I loved the series so much! I really hope they truly think about what they are doing.  If they do end it differently...I really hope they have everything in there that the book had and just added a little somethng towards the end.  I would really be okay with that because we were all wondering what happens to Jacob and Renesmee. 




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