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Monday, September 17, 2012


As contests are coming about for the final installment of Twilight, I've just spoke with one of my Volvo friends and they WILL NOT be participating in this years premiere..... ;*(   As well as not giving away a Volvo i am sure as my friend said that they are not sponsoring this year ;(

This made me very upset! They are a HUGE part of Twilight and they should be's THE FINAL INSTALMENT AND THEY HAVE BEEN SPONSORING FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS....

I worked my butt off last year when i won the trip thru Volvo to attend the red carpet event in LA.  It was AMAZING and without Volvo I would have never had that wonderful opportunity....i almost met Robert Pattinson... ALMOST and one day i am determined to meet him.

Working how hard as i did to win that contest...that's how i think all contests should actual contest not just a fill out to win form...there are HUGE Twilight fans out there that deserve contests like attending the red carpet event not people who don't even know the characters names..

What are your thoughts on:
A.  Volvo not sponsoring the final installment of Twilight (red carpet premiere in la)


B.  Shouldn't there be actual contests to win huge events such as attending the Breaking Dawn part II red carpet premiere instead of just a fill out form to win?



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