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Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's next for Robert Pattinson?

Although I love Rob in Twilight.....I know it's about to end :( and is going to move on... 
According to an interview with The Sunday Times (republished by the Coventry Telegraph), Pattinson's currently weighing his future film options, and he's got three scripts in hand that he's considering.
"Nobody's going 'Get me Pattinson,'" he explained in the interview. "I always find the best scripts have been written with people in mind but I don't know who I am yet in terms of cinema and I haven't done enough work to have an audience perceive something . . . It's still 'Oh, there's the Twilight guy trying to do something else.' I'm very conscious of what I think people would believe me as, which drives my management crazy . . . I've turned down playing a marine, because I don't want marines to go 'This is a disgrace.'"
Pattinson has been rumored to be considering a role in a Paul McCartney animated film, but he would not share which scripts he's currently mulling over.
I'm really hoping Rob will continue in his music career...I love him AMAZING voice!! 

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