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Monday, May 23, 2011

*Meet & Greets*

meet and greets on the internet really get me so upset. i constantly look for ways to meet the twilight cast writing to shows like oprah, ellen, the buried life, even maurray tho all he does is who the father is tests it is worth a shot! :)

ok so off the topic...well i dont think any contests are legit. i dont hear anyone who wins and i just dont seem to be either. i figured this blog would get a lot out that i hold in and what better way to do that with people who feel the same way.

what also bothers me is ebay auctions like bid to hang out with the twilight crew. who really has 10k to bid on a meet and greet. boy i dont tho i wish i did. i just wish i was one of those lucky people who could meet them as i am sure u feel the same. one could only hope!

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